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the 2002 lexus rx 300 have a timing belt or timing chain. When should it be replaced?
Lights came on a couple of days ago when I started the car. The car and brakes work well. No other problems noted. What does these warning lights indicate and how much does the repair usually run? Thanks.
Ac works fine when engine cold, or when constantly moving the truck. But once i stop at a light for a while the air warms up noticably. Has a brand new compressor, accumulator, and condenser. got it evaced and recharg...
2 years ago, at approx. 100k miles we had the air conditioner serviced. A month ago it stopped blowing cold air again so we had it serviced again, both times by a professional tech. The charge lasted two weeks and did...
engine surges,at low speeds and at idle
can i replace/repair front brake assemblies without a great deal of difficulty i do other repairs without too much of a problem
small leak at bottom of radiator can it be repaired
I'm always adding coolant and the car's over heating. I believe I not only need to have my radiator flushed, but also change my thermostat. Is that normally the case?? And how much would that normally run. plus witha...
1997 Nissan Pickup, 5-speed. Roaring sound when clutch is pressed in. Stops when clutch is released. Mechanic syas he changed all bearings. Any ideas? Thanks.
What major problems would could occur what that amount of miles on the truck? 155723 miles
With code p1756, what is the ball park figure for the governor pressure sensor and governor solenoid to be replaced??? Are we talking alot of $$$$?
It keeps giving the same 3 codes. map,vss,tps and i replaced all 3. still doesn't what to run.
i already have the hydraulic slave and i need it installed how much am i looking at labor wise (keep in mind it's a '92 F250 so the hydraulic slave is locayed inside the transmission and it's 4x4)
the power outlet does not work can't find the fuses for it