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What needs to be serviced when the "maintenance required light comes on"?
My car is not shifting right, from the first second and third gear.
I have a 1992 Nissan Pathfinder truck, 4 cylinder, automatic, KA24E engine, mileage well into 200,000 (don't really know my odometer stopped around 10 years ago). While driving last night I heard a loud whirring soun...
My problem started with a misfire (only 1 month after a complete tune-up;plugs, plug wires, oil change, new battery, brake pads, and tires). Had the plugs checked and found that it was firing weak. Changed the coil pa...
Where do I add engine oil
Bought the car in Jan. 2010, its an 05 CTS. Goes up to 20 mph., back off of the foot pedal and then will go up to 40 mph. back off of the pedal again and will then go up to 60 mph. I have taken it to 4 different mecha...
Will the 2.9l engines in the transverse s80's bolt up in my '96 960?
1998 buick century bucks when shes hot on acceleration (up hlll), Could this be a fuel or possibly an electrical problem ?
I am leaking coolant somewhere behind the starter. It does not appear to be comming from above the the starter. It does not appear to be a freeze plug on the block. Heater hoses do not appear to be leaking. Is the a f...
does anyone know where the incabin micro airfilter is located ? i cannot find it behind the glove box
Replaced the alternater and battery, new breaks and tires and had the car checked out before I bought it. The car stalls and the lights come on in the inside and the engine starts to rev and then dies.
will not power up scanner. floods at idle. back fires. run roughs.
how do you remove ignition lock cylinder when key wont turn to the on position? The manual says key must be in the on position to depress pin on cylinder housing to slide out cylinder but key will not turn.
What is the best way to loosen the 4 bolts that hold the pulley on to get to the water pump?
How do I check to see if my A/C is working properly?