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i was testing out a new intake and i noticed at high rpm that my radiator cap shoots out coolant but at low rpm its fine and i haven't had to add coolant.
no problem yet
major coolant leak. as soon as i put coolant it leaks out. coming from the front of the engine block. directly behind the fan. i can squeeze any of hoses and hear the air push through and more coolant comes out. doesn...
I got an estimate for $1600 from a shop in Vail. I have not done anything since 60,000 check up where I rotated my tires I also had the brake pads and clutch replaced. When I use your system I never get above $11,000....
When driving my vehicle and making a turn I hear/feel a grinding noise. The dealership says I need my steering shaft replaced but the vehilce is safe to drive, just the noise will get louder. What is involved in corre...
towing capacity?
I have a 2001 Mazda protege and my check enging light is on and reads p1569 Intake manifold Runner Control circuit Low (see po661) does anyone know what i can do to fix this??
My transsport was in an accident and the hood and the grill was damaged. Where can I find a used hood and grill for my van? Any suggestions?
I just changed the water pump and timing belt and put a new Thermostat, I drove to my parents about 50 miles away, i pulled off freeway and it started getting hot I had to pull over to let it cool off, pulled thermost...
My seals went bad so my tubes were filling with oil the car still ran though just not that great. We took everything apart and replaced the valve cover gasket and spark plugs and now the car wont start. It cranks like...
I want to know how much an oil change should cost for my 2004 530i.
Is the Throttle body service necessary at 90000 Miles? If so is $129 a fair price?
How can you tell when your hydraulic Modulator is going bad?
AC and heater produce minimal cold/warm air. Fan works fine. I can feel some(barely) AC/heat when the temperatures are not extreme.