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the 2003 pathfinder starts and idk=les fine. but when i step on the gas pedal nothing happens. it just continues at idle.
replaced battery, fuel pump {was told this was why it was parked} also replaced pump wires and inspected pass through wiring harness. pump runs when key is on but car will not fire
Can hear a clicking sound when the switch is engaged, but window will not attempt to move up or down ?
When I start up my santa fe the ac/heating unit clicks on and off when it isn't on. Is this a major problem and if so any ideas on price to fix?
do i need to lock the cams on the 2.9 when installing timing belt. They use a special tool at dealer.
I used the switch to let the bench seat down and when I tried to let it back up the switch was out.
does the spring come off with the strut assembly
Where's the dipstick to check the transmission fluid
Just purchased this vehicle, in which I hope to be towing a 31 Ft. trailer behind it, my drivers side rear window will not roll down, I can hear the switch clicking in the door of the window, but no movement ?
Marker lights do not work. 1994 nissan pickup SE V6 3.0L 4WD. All marker lights(tail lights, front corner lights) do not work 95% of the time. work OK 5%. gauge cluster lights also do not work. Checked voltage for the...
made a quick stop, started my car again, then it stopped. it had been idling bad about 1 wk. heard something quietly thump. started the car back after about 1 minute and backed out- steering was very hard. any idea...
where is the oil pump located
Had radiator replaced 5/25/2010. On 6/24/2010, heard ticking in engine. Took to shop. They said internal damage occured. Cost to replace V8-350 5.7L $6000. I put quart of Slick 50 in engine. Noise stopped. On 7/2/2010...
the interior fan only works on high also i can't turn on the cruise control.are these two problems connected?i could'nt find the fuses for these where are they located?
just started last night, had to pull 40 amp fuse to stop them, now engine check light is on.where is relay for these fans?