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What is the labor cost for replacing a punctured fuel tank on my 2007 Chevy Uplander?
We have a 454 big block in our suburban. We have repaired every inch of it the only thing that hasn't been replaced bec@ause its in good condition is the engine. Everytime it is a warm day we turn on the ac and the te...
engine overheaqts when car is ideling replaced thermastst and flushed radiator
Woould like to know the location of cabin air fiter
how do i tell what size rear end i have.I need to add oil to my rear end and my maintinence manuel gives me two different weights for two different rear ends
i just bought a 1995 toyota 4runner with a blown head gasket. well i did a leak down test and both heads have low compression. i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if they could help? it also had a ...
Recently, one rear door "froze up" and wouln't open. 1 month later, the other rear door did the same thing. Tried numerous times locking/unlocking, but still will not open. Can anyone help?
what are the steps on replacing fuel injector
What is the correct idle spped for a 1990 Thunderbied SC? What would cause the engine to idle so fast? How do I fix it?
Remote door lock on the rear passanger door will not operate. I had the same problem with the front driver door a few month ago.
chceck engine light came on and was told the vacuum pod runners have broken
Is there a way to change the amount of time my interior lights stay on after I get into the car? Mine stays on too long and it's annoying when it's dark outside.(can't see out)
what are the plus/minus push or cancel buttons on the lower left of the dash for...can't find an answer in the book
car runs and drives but when i stop the car dies or when idling car dies