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my car looses power when accelerated to maximum. it spits and does not go as it was. also occasionally stalls while idling or starting
How can I remove the door panel to check out the window assembly? (back door)... Thanks, Chet
Where can I purchase a hard-copy shop/repair manual for a 1999 Volv V70 X/c AWD Turbo?
hissing noise occurs when vehicle goes above 35 mph. goes away when you slow down, completely away when you get below 30-35 mph.
my f-150 front end has been sqeaking we have tried to find all grease fittings still sqeaking any suggestions ?
I have a Kia Sportage 2002. It feels like the front tire rod is going to break any second, but there is also a black hose that is right above the passenger side front tire. What is this hose? and will it be easy to ...
i can not get my key inside the start, or ignition, is likely lucked.
Where would the low side service port for A/C recharging be located? I haven't found any pictures or diagrams of the pipes. I located a similar (high side?) connector near the radiator, but was too big to fit.
being fix for the 3rd time in 3 years. Dealer tells me that it is a different problem each time. I will have spent $1000.00 and don't trust the dealer.
I need to know what extras I should pay out of pocket for a free tire guarantee from the dealer..? (aligment, etc..)
what should be the cost of replacing the power steering pressure hose
i need to reset my drive cycle for my 2001 oldsmobile intrigue. I did this before but forgot the steps i know you drive at 55mph for 10 minutes and let the car reduce its speed or something like that please help
r window will not go up or down. how do i change out the window motor>
My top hose for the power steering pump leaks when I turn the steering wheel.I bought a new hose and the new one looks diffrent.I need to insall it.How?
Can I buy my own ball bearings and have a shop do the labor,and if so about how much would it cost. Or can I do them myself?