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My Engine light is on saying STOP engine oil pressure I put oil in it and it seems to be running fine then the light goes back on when I am driving Hwy Speed there seems to be nothing wrong with it running I am travel...
Why does my car shake when it is idle. And why does my car shake when Im in park and I cut the air off
Loss of power has been happening since December. While driving at 65 mph the truck will suddenly act like I let off the acceralotor. Only downshifting or letting off the pedel for 5 seconds will make the truck respon...
air conditioning compessor clutch not engageing
Everytime you step on the brakes the car shakes really hard when driving over 40 mph. Can anybody help us?
on my 2004 Mitsubish Galent the A/C blowing hot air, I did add two cans of Ferion, works for a week then gone,
car wont start due to anti theft system how can i bypass that to get my car started
ac fan only runs on high speed for front and rear
I took my car to a mechanic and he said I said leaks in my air conditioning on my car. How much will a Compressor, Dryer, etc. and labor cost to get this air conditioner on my car fixed.
Jumpstart works for about half hour and then when I try to start again, I see the lights for some time, would not start and head light turns on and stays on. So, assuming battery is fine. What could be the problem?
Check engine light P0443 EVAP canister purge control valve circuit fault came on. I replaced fuel cap light went off then came back on. How do you check sensor and valve?
I have a 1996 Honda Civic ex, bought just a few mths ago. Check engine light came on, took it to get tested and was told it was the cat. converter. Took it to a friend of mine that said no, if it were it would do this...
ac not working the clutch isnt engaging. seems to be intermitent power to the compressor is this normal
It seems that a "door" is not shutting on the a/c unit. It is blowing cold on the driver's side and the passenger side is hot. We have tried cutting the system off for a little bit & when it starts back it is a litt...
My air bag ligth came on, how much is this going to cost, could it be a sensor or is there a real problem?