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car has 35,500 miles, rebuilt trans in Oct, cam shaft sensor replaced 6 weeks ago, blown head gasket this week. Related issues?????????
what i need to do to check the fan function.
where is it located and what does it look like
Driver side window goes down but will not go back up
changed oil cooling lines and o-rings because i had a slow leak and now my truck leaks worse then before
I have an issue as my 2005 mustang. It failed smog today with the PO4063 error. I have had a check engine light on for a couple of months, the fuel guage and the speedometer guage are both erratic and not accurate. I ...
When stopped at a light, if I try and lightly lift off the brake pedal to inch up, the brake gets stuck and the car won't softly move up it sort of jerks up. Any thoughts.
hard to start when cold and will die a few times then runds fine
Recently the car began to not turn over when brake is pushed and start button pushed. The brake resists when pushed and no starting. It takes 10 - 20 atempts before it startsturns over. It just cycles to AC and ON....
where is the #5 coil pack on a 2005 mazda mpv
leak in raditor, want hold coolant
is thir a AC filter on this car if not what filters are on this car and weir is the air filter at
how to fix a broken speedometer..what would the cost to fix a 2004 gmc yukon
It just started to happen; seems like it isn't getting enough fuel and will not generate enough rpms to move or stalls out. I performed a diagnostic and the code came up 212(idm) what does that mean and could it cause...
How do you replace the evaporater coil for the AC. What is the cost for the repair.