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lowered windows'/hadn't used this window in years/right-rear window lowered/won't come up
Symptoms: My car's brain is signalling a continuous warning to my dash, indicating that my trunk is open. The convertible top will not operate if the trunk is open, so it's stuck in the down position and the rains...
It's my understanding that the turbo charge has it's own fluid and that there is an allen like screw to check the fluid. Where is it?
CEL codee indicate leaks (small and large) in fuel evaporator...estimate to replace
My repair shop is telling me to replace all the hoses because they are 8 years old. The car has about 57000 miles on it. I have an estimate of $350.00
It loses speed going up hills and sometimes takes a while to pick up speed on straight away! Help me please.
I just got a ridiculous quote from the local Mazda dealer for evaporator replacement/repair. All quotes welcome.
A/C only Blow thru Defroster
I had a cylinder 4 missfire, replaced all spark plugs and wires. It runs better but the problem still exists. The check engine light wont go off and it wont pass emmissions!Help
Our BMW is making a banging sound in the transmission when we excellerate. It can make the car shudder. With only 45,000 miles on the car, the idea of replacing the transmission rather unappealing. Any idea what th...
We have tried the heavy oil 20x50 to reduce the "ticking" noise from the lifters but didn't really work. Any advise other than replacing the lifters?
what causes engine oil to get into coolant
when i start the car the radio comes on and the antenna goes up and shuts off when the car is turned off
This has been occuring for about a month, and before the clicking noise there was a grinding coming from the left, this problem occurs whenever I try to make a right hand turn.. at all. There is a horrible clicking no...
needs to be replaced