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The car would drive fine until the loss of engine power message would appear and the engine would shake and when you step on the gas pedal nothing would happen. The car would only go no more than 2 mph. After you yo...
My sunfire has almost 200,000 miles. I just need to know if the car is still safe for me and my child.
The sound system (Bose) will turn on and i can change stations or go to AM,FM. or to the CD and it works and shows that its working on the screen but no sound comes out of the speakers. Can some one help??
The oil and battery light stays on even after you turn off the car and remove the key. Sometimes the security light will also stay on. The ignition switch has been replaced.
have to play with shifter alittle to start the car and also to put it in reverse show much to replace cable
I need the change the bulb in my 2006 4 runner which is located in the instrument panel that show the temp and clock. Thanks.
Problem: Check Engine Light Sometimes comes on after a short drive. Sometimes it doesn't come on after driving. Mechanic info is code 33 or 34. What do these codes mean?
tran jerks hard when put in drive or when it goes through shifting by it self
I am trying to determine whether or not my fuel filter is inside the tank or not. If it is in the tank, is it true that I do not need to replace it unless issues arise?
When the air is on water drips quickly from underneath the dashboard. If not the drain tube clogged what could be wrong?
I just want to know what the manual says the proper idle RPM is for this model.
which side of engine is right bank? Is the side near the fire wall or the side near the raditor/
the light for the control panel is out, the fuse is fine, so how do I change the bulb.
How long does it take to replace a ball joint?
Its actually a 1986 Pontiac Bonneville - When engaging the starter it sometimes sounds like your are grinding the gears. Sometimes it does it when you first try and other times it does it at the same time it actually ...