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What causes my ac to cool and then turn off, then after a couple of minutes the ac comes back on?
Im new to this site ans was looking at the recall notices and they also listed "TSB" or technical service bulletins. I was wondering what they are and what do I do if my car has issues related to some of the tsb's
s3 light blinks car wont start, replaced starter, battery, and did tune up.
Turbo is not engaging, have checked all hoses, they seem fine ( no colasping) Not sure where to go from.
My ignition wont completely turn back to off and therefore I can't get the key out. What do i do?
Today, 6/26/10 I started my 1994 nissan altima, and drove about half a mile when I noticed my brake warning light was on. Hand brake was off. Then I saw that the battery chrging light was on too. At first I had no p...
ive tryin to find out where the fuel injector pressure regulator is at.
93 LS 400 died while I was driving. Will not start. What can I do to diagnose the problem?
p1155 a/f senor heater circuit malfuncion
Why would my A.C. quit right after it got recharged.Saw some smoke or steam emit from under hood and smelled fumes after completed charging it?
Car rattles intermittitingly in the the morning for about 15 minutes while driving, then its gone til the next morning. I seems to comming from the passanger side front engine compartment.
Replaced distributor, ignition coil, and rotor button.. cleaned distributor cap (wasnt bad). Once after replacing coil (last thing), car attempted to start but only briefly.. HELP
Turn signals are not functioning. Just bought it used.
Last night I heard the beginning of what I've learned should be a hard clicking noise from my front while making a turn. If it is my CV joints I want to change them out myself. Is there anything I need to know that m...
We checked the fuse that was not the problem. We used a voltage meter that measured 12 volts across it when the car was off. When the car was turned on and the power washer switch was turned on it had 31 volts. The...