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it shift hard from 1st to 2nd, put it in the shop they replaced valve body. did not fix it it does it all the time hot or cold, also the speedomitor jumps between 10 to 20 MPH please help
it was about two weeks when my car had all these problems my a/c doesn't come out cold air, my whipers ,turn signals, horn all these things didnt work i took it to autozone they gave me these codes u1403 an u1411 can ...
every time pedal stepped on it does not close but the drive side is working
My check engine light will not come on when key is turned on keeping me from passing emisions test
The steering wheel is frozen and I can't the key will not turn to start the car. The car is in park and my foot is on the brake when I try to start it. I have tried to jiggle the steering wheel but nothing has worked
car runs hot when idle
SUV is stuck in AWD and will not return to 2WD. What is the problem and how do I fix this?
My 2000 Toyota Corolla has 200,000 miles on it. It suddenly has become difficult to start. Once it warms up it's fine. The mechanic replaced the fuel relay valve but it hasn't fixed the problem. The check engine l...
I want to know how to change the clutch cable. I haven't done one like this before.
Does the A/C Blower have a fuse, relay or resistor that would keep it from blowing? Where is it located? How can it be accesed?
With the start of the summer season brought on a lot of problems with my car. 1) It started over heating - had the coolant fan replaced. 2) Car is still over heating once all the antifreeze runs out. So within the las...
I changed the oil and the engine tells me to stop the engine when i turn it on it says the oil pressure is low what should i do
replace lower control arm assembly
My carpet on the drivers side at the left top is getting soaking wet. Is this because of my air conditioning hose being stopped up?
my wife told me the engine light came on and it smell like the antifreeze. at first when i look it look like it was coming from one of the hoses. the next day i went under the truck and wiped off all the hoses and as...