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one of the two cables is not attached to the lever on the pass. side second row seat and cannot pull it up with pliers either to re-attach or get seat to fold.
service engine soon light came on. took for reading code said small evap leak 1440. how do i repair?
air conditioner stays on...wont turn off whe enaged...
I need to flush my radiator and can't find the drain plug.
My signal lights are only working when they want to. i changed the bulbs and the fuse, does anyone know what may be causing this problem?
sometimes nothing (radio.thermastat,air.heat) works when I turn on the ignition.Sometimes if I hold the power button for the radio in for long lengths of time they operate.
I heard that the ECM was going bad on my vehicle, what would that do?
Where is the fuel filter located on a 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass?
I went with a machanic to stop the smoke I change the motor but this still with the same white smoke.
hello, i have 1997 BMW 528, when start the engine and drive the car for 15 minutes, suddenly the light of trans (yellow light) in the gauges board work, and then the car moving very slowly (very slow acceleration), i ...
turnsignals not operating go on and off
I've got a ECM-9400 codes (Brake Pedal Sensor: Faulty Signal)I'm trying to find the part # to have a brake pedal sensor replaced on my 99 V70XC? I can't find this by searching by the code name/description.. Anybody ha...
Paid 254.00 to have dead mice removed from my carn on 6-10-2010 and they are back again. I can not get rid of the horrible smell.
My engine is making a knocking noise. The oil light comes on once is gets warmed up and usually stays on. Also, usually after the car has been running for a while it sometimes smokes a little and smells like rubber ...