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repairing ABS module
I have a camaro 1992 5.7L, the problem is that its rpm is not stable at all times it keeps going up and down, and sometimes it stalls when I try to accelerate. I changed the fuel filter and fuel pump and I still have ...
I want to roll back window all the way down. How can the window stop be removed
air trapped in the cooling section make the engine check light come on. how do i get the air out.
Air compressor is fine, but Clutch is worn out & engage the compressor. Can the clutch be replaced w/o replacing entire unit? Thank you
This is coming 40 % of time
My check engine light stays on and my car misfires. It has shut off a few times, but it mainly loses pressure to while in moving motion and it will kick back in by itself. I've had my plugs changed and a new o2oxyge...
i can not find the diagnostic plug
why doesn't my interior lights,radio,or alarm work...this jus happen today..can anybody help me
my car shows the check VSC and enginge signs come alonge as well as traction off when checked they said problem with carbon sanesor so what to do
The engine just cuts off while I am driving the van. It starts right back up again. I have replaced teh coil , fuel pump, distributer, rotor, spark plugs,.before cutting off there is no reaction to the gas pedal being...
2000 rpms my truck backfires any suggestions
A/C fan doesn't always come on at start-up. Seems to start and run OK when vehicle crosses RR trax or just while driving. Where is the most likely open in the fan circuit?
when I press the a/c button, the control sends the air through the defrost vent for a while 5 to 10 minutes and sometimes after that, the air starts to flow very slowly through the regular vents but continues to flow ...
I don't know where to fill the windshield washer fluid for the rear window on my 2002 Mercury Mountaineer.