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I have replaced the Thermostat, Temp sensor and one of the fan relays...The fan still isn't coming on. However, When we take the fan out of the circuit the fan works. I'm stumped.
diagnostic shows speedometer head does not work, will not respond to diagnostic check of dash gauges. How do I replace the speedometer head?
my timing cover leaks does this means i have to replace the gasket and how much will it cost? my email is
it just looks like the wheel is going to fall off
I would like to know what kind of oil i need to use for my durango
what it would cost to have the joints replaced
my car cut off after i press down on the accelator
after driving a few miles my brakes lockup. then after letting cool they work.
I changed the whole front strut assembly including the mounts and spring seats ..the ride was somewhat better but started acting up again..any suggestions on solving the problem
my a/c and heater only blows air from defrost chevrolet silverado 2007
just changed fuel pump on '89 mustang. when i go around a curve it dies??
the 2003 pathfinder starts and idk=les fine. but when i step on the gas pedal nothing happens. it just continues at idle.
replaced battery, fuel pump {was told this was why it was parked} also replaced pump wires and inspected pass through wiring harness. pump runs when key is on but car will not fire
Can hear a clicking sound when the switch is engaged, but window will not attempt to move up or down ?
When I start up my santa fe the ac/heating unit clicks on and off when it isn't on. Is this a major problem and if so any ideas on price to fix?