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My 2-door Explorer's serpentine belt is frayed. How much should I expect to pay (labor included) for a replacement?
need a wiring diagram that goes to the fuel pump so I can test to see if its getting power
My Euro Van is a Rialta Camper. It needs a tuneup but the VW dealer will not touch it. How do you acess the plugs to change them
Im getting a loud single thump when the wheels are turned all the way in either direction when going either forward or backwards i've replaced ball joints tie rod ends front driveaxle looking under the truck nothing ...
When transmission changes gears, sometimes it's jumps a little.
Hi- I have a 2001 vw beetle. Right after I had it inspected (NJ) the epc light comes on and the check engine light too and loses power once in awhile (which I have to turned it off and on again and would be fine for a...
At times my Previa will not start. I turn the key and get about 3 or 4 seconds of SILENCE, then it will start. Sometimes it will not start at all. This has been going on for a year. I noticed the problem is more likel...
After removing all the bolts and hoses, the water pump can't be removed. Some else needs to be done. Can ANYONE tell me what. Thank You.
moon roof runs but does not move? radio ask for a code?
I called one of the listed shops and asked for an estimate on replacement of a head gasket. they told me they don't replace the head gasket but would only replace the ENTIRE ENGINE because something caused it to fail ...
last week the car just shut off on me and wouldnt start ! I Changed the fuel pump and filter, the distributor and i cleansed the fuel pump. it turns on once i hit a stop sign or red light it shuts off on me.
The cooling fan does not come on when the car is cranked.
I am having ignition problem, the mechanic says i need a new ignition, how much would u say that should cost?
I have 95K miles on my 06 accord and they (the dealer) want me to change the trains and brake fluid. Most miles are highway and I am a conservative driver. How much should it cost, can I go to someone that is not the...