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AC blows hot air. Have re calibrated no fault codes. Recently had a recharge and also replaced evaporator with new one what could it be now????
The trunk on the car won't open. The keyless entry and in car button don't work and the key just turns in the hole. What can be done about this
When you accelerate quickly a few cylinders feel like there are misfiring.
Changed out the Master Cylinder, now ABS light comes on, book states to bleed the ABS. Any suggestions??
My Audi A6 Quattro (1995)car was starting very well until I have the engine washed, thereafter it refused to start. A local technician has checked the Starting sensor, igniter ok but yet could not start. Please advic...
my car shifts hard going to second then to third when the car warms up. Had fluid changed still does it. Whats wrong?
I am getting a lot of noise (road noise and rear end noise). At first I thought it was the tires, but it is getting worse. Rear end bearings maybe? Or....How much?
The car seems to be lossing the fuel prime. We have replaced the regualator. The problem has been worse ever since. Have to spray it with starting fluid to get it to start. It could last for days or weeks. Never ...
is there a reset for the aux pwr after replacing the 20amp fuse?
how do I remove the clips on the fuel filter
Hi, My car inspection is due 2010 November. I've the service engine soon indicator on starting few months ago and I took my car to autoshop. They diagonised and suggested replacing spark plugs, which I did. But the li...
When releasing the gas pedal, the throttle is sticking for about 5 seconds before it starts to decrease. The throttle works fine at accelerating, just holds and slowly decreases when you take your foot off the gas ped...
1989 tercel, put head gasket on, have bottom end on tdc, need to know where to put cam gear and witch way distb. rotor should be pointing to install timming belt ?
My 99 Toyota 4Runner started shuddering/shaking while on or driving. Engine light would come on and off, sometimes blinking but did not store code. The spark plug wires were replaced but it didn't help. Engine ligh...
ac blows cold on passenger side, hot as hades on driver. cant make it different. this buick has duel ac control. How do I fix?