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I wanted to know why the labor for an alternator replacement would range from 62-80 dollars and would it be that much?
The rear windshield wiper will not stop.
no problem now. Car has 55,000 plus miles.
Going down the road the SUV suddenly stoped and would not start again. I had to tow it to a garage I need a new fuel pump (diesel)
I have a loud whinning noise coming from engine, it mostly occurs when the weather is hot and humid and when I stop and the engine is idling. It will stop if I step on the gas but always returns when I am not moving ...
no problem at this time. Car has 55,000 plus miles
Has power to the distributor, replaced coil, had module checked, it was good, checked rotor, distributor cap, and wiring still no spark from the spark plug terminals on the distributor cap.
if my car is running hot and the water is running out of the drivers side of the motor
The car has to warm up for about 15 minutes before it will move, not engaging in any gear, R, 1, 2, 3, D, or OD. Put car into "Park" and then back into "Drive" if this happens at a STOP sign, or Red light, and it goes...
How much to replace the rotors only?
I need to get the rotors on my 1998 oldmobile Aurora replaced. What should the cost range for this repair be?
blower rattles rhen siezes and blows fuse. replaced fuse, blower operates siezes, and blows fuse again. What's going on?
oil was brown . nois comming from oil pan near the rear. would a oil chainge do ?
Replaced coil and had module tested, both are good, still no spark, no sign of distributor cap problems?
I've just lost the low heating-a/c fan speed in my old truck with only 62k miles. From what I've seen the problem most likely is a resistor plugged into the fan motor within a plastic enclosure beneath the dashboard....