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i been wanted to get my a/c recharged but don't want to take it to the garge. i seen bottels of it at autozone how hard is it to can i do it?
can not fit new drum over the new brake shoes
the car has 133,000 miles on it, dealer says it will cost approx. $1700 to do head gasket, spark plugs, wires and coil is it worth putting the money into the car?
what ami supposed to gap my sopark plugs to on a 04 jetta 1.8t
I have a 1996 ford e150 4.9 straight six that has no spark. I replaced the module and the coil but still no spark. Can anyone help me?
i just had my ac charged in my 2001 jeep cherokee and before the gage was unhooked from the the lower port the compressor started making a rattling noise i unhooked the hose and when i got in the truck the ac was blow...
I have changed starter,catalytic converter,fuel filter,oxygen sensor and now the car acts likes its out of gas but its not. It starts and than chokes out when i step on the gas! Help!
just to day truck would not start fuel pump not getting power
What should be the fuel pump pressure in PSI? There is fluid going through, but the current pressure is 10PSI.
Hi there, does anyone know where I could find a replacement cable and guide for the passenger side...the sunroof was broken and we took it apart to find that the right side cable is stuck inside the guide and won't bu...
Where are they located?
my 93 grandprix idleing goes up and down like its about to cut off and when i sometimes stop at a stop sign or traffic light too long it will cut off....have to turn it over 2 or 3 times to restart it...and before all...
First time this has happen will not shift out of the park.
How do I change the rear brakes on a 1995 Plymouth Voyager?