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battery,both wires,waited 10 minutes,now shows code PO117,son's car. its got a crazy miss,seams like its not missing until you start down the road
The car has been taken care of an just has 189,000 mfiles.The catalyst convertor has been removed an problem remains.Any help would be appreciated..
problem it was not the fan itsel they said is some cables not connected what you think is the problem/
Will go right back in or will it be a problem.
my entire instrument panel less my gas suddenly quit working engine fires fine no problems transmission is standard no problems when I turn on the headlights the dash lights light up but it rings like the doors open ...
I get power to the unit in the cab as it lights up. When I turn any of the switches, nothing works. I have a good compressor, and just changed out the resistor under the hood and that did nothing. What else could it be?