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need a new catalytic converter
car died along road. could not restart.
Will I be able to replace the high intake air sensor my self or do I need to take the car to a shop for this the diagnostic code is po113
will I be able to do this repair my self or do I need to have the car serviced at a shop. The code is c1235 its sa ys its the right rear wheel speed sensor. How difficult is this part to replace
How do I tow 7000 lbs of a trailer with a car on it behind saturn outlook for a one way trip 1200 miles (heard the transmission may need changing)??
what are the average repair cost to replace a flywheel including labor
HI my name stev my wife has a 05 mercury sable and she blew a what a think is a fuse and the widows won't go up and i can't change the fuse because i lost the owner manual and the fuse box cover say's i need the manua...
Transmission goes into all gears, but when it gets hot it does not does not go any further in drive. I was told the transmission shifter selenoid bad, trying to figure the location of the selenoid?
starter is grinding it was replaced a few months ago could it be the fly wheel?
I just need to find out how to get step by step instructions on installing a coil pack
My 4004 dodge 5.7 Hemi has a code that says #5 cyl is misfireing. What could that be? The engine check light stays on and my overhead outside temp sensor not working.
Where is the low side service port for the A/C located?
At what point do you consider HIGH milage for the C240. Will they last in good condition over 150,000 or when do I get rid of it before problems begin? Mine is now at 110,000 miles
I could drive for about 30 -40 minutes without a problem, then withoy warning the brakes will not hold. I would have to exert a lot pressure on the brake pedal. I then have to keep a far enough to safely stop the car....
what is the correct voltage output for a toyota seqouia alternator if i read at the battery with engine idling?