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after driving a short distance it says service tire system soon see owners manual
My Crysler 2006, Town & Country van has just 34,000 miles but it has started using about 3/4 of a quart of oil every 7 days. There is no leak, dense smoke or unusual engine noise etc. The car is driven in-town daily. ...
How much should this cost to replace? How do I know for sure it needs replacement and not just the cap to the reservoir or the gas cap or a fuse....or something?
There is a loud noise coming from the rear of the car when over 15-20 mph. This was evaluated by Toyota, and they said the rear wheel bearing need to be replaced. The car has 55,000 miles on it. A review says rear ...
Engine temperature gage HOT... blew coolant out of the cap from the reservoir; the pressure is maintained; the check engine light and the other light that indicates "slipperry/tires" was on.... only 24K miles
drivers side turn signal is blinking on the rear but not on the front and the iunsicde display shows that it is out how do i change that bulb??
I was driving the car with minimal problems then all of a sudden i had to give the car little gas to start up but no big problem. Now, if i take my foot off the gas the car will stall. What do i need to change to fix ...
My Idrive system whent out. No stereo,communication, ac/ heating controls not accessible. Is there a fuse or breaker issue?
I am trying to figure out where the flywheel is located. I need to see if I can fix this problem myself
When pulling my boat up an incline the blower stops blowing cold air. This has to be a vacuum problem, but I do not know where to look. I have checked all hoses under the hood and cannot find anything.Also I think it ...
How much will it cost to replace a drive belt?
how do i get the dampner pully off
cost to replace front struts
What are the average hourly labor rates in Carrollton, Texas for dealers and for independent shops?
My carolla failed the sopmg test because of "the MIL/Check Engine Light due to a warning lamp failure". what i dont understand is when the car is in "accesory mode" before ignition the light comes on and after start u...