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My engine light came on about a week ago, now every time my car reaches 3000 rpm it jerks real bad. whats going on?
After I changed the battery in my truck, I tried to turn my air on, and the ignition cut off. What would the problem be.
Can the faulty ftps on the fuel pump module be replaced?
i cleaned the egr valve and its still running rough codes say misfire on all four cylinders what should i do now
like a month a go my car remain the ABS light on,what should be the cause and how to fix it
The only problem I had is at between 60 and 70 miles an hour I get excess vibrations from the steering column and I was wondering what the cause might be. No codes no warning lights just vibrations on the highway. I j...
what the fuel pump pressure for this car?
AC wont keep a charge. Have been told its the compressor.
Diagnostic code #P04466 When replacing ftps, are there any special tools required? The ftps is located on top of the tank.
I just replace the intake gaskets in my 2000 grand am gt v6 and now it wont start. it acts like it's not getting fuel. the fuel pump runs when i turn the key to the on position so i believe it is still working. Is the...
Honda CR-V 2009 Hi, yesterday I was passing a wire throuh the rubber tube between the driver door and car body and I think I might have pulled a wire to much, because while I was doing so, I could hear the lo...
what makes a noise in the engine when you shut it off? it sounds like a fan running for 2 seconds.
does r-134 go into my 1990 jaguar xj6?
it skip and miss and how much wiil a engine cost
brake calipers are sticking how do i fix don't drive truck often