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My clutch goes to the straight to floor. I cannot get it in or out of a gear. It will start up though. So what can be the problem and with 234,000 is it worth fixing.
Is there a fix for a clutch that chatters on cool, damp mornings? It goes away after the car warms up.
I've had 740il for a year and a half been blessed so far but now it doesn't start on the first turn , sometimes it takes three or four tries to get her started. and she has also stalled out on me twice. thanks
turn off or reset maint light ,I dnot have own manual
I need to know how many injectors are in this car???
Front in drops down and warning light for check air ride system flashes, How much cost to replace air suspension, with VIII coil spring conversion kit for Mark VIII?
what does misfire cylinder 3 mean and can it b driven
My 2002 Explorer has approx. 160k miles and in general is in good running condition. Very recently the "Hi Temp / Low Oil" warning light has come on. This has happened 2 times. Only when driving after the car is warm....
Car will slam into gear... this will occur for weeks... then just as suddenly as the condition appears.. it goes away...
How often do you change a timming belt
My ignition has locked up all of a sudden and I cant get it to turn it a kill switch or something b/c of a security device?
would like a picture of shifting linkage it will not shift out of park it acts like the shifter is not engageing
My 2003 Element, who has a new battery, slowly drains every 10 days to two weeks, only when I start in the morning. At this point it is almost completely dead, but always finds a way to fire up and then is fine for t...
I have checked all the fuses, relay and bulbs they are all new or good and my turn signals will not work. This happend after a bought a boat and pluged the lights in.
water draining into driver side floor, pulled carpet to find source but cannot find.