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went to ohio on way back to okla it made a noise. then it wouln't go no more. put it in 4 wheel high and it drives fine. put it back in allwheele drive and it fells like it in neutral. but when you try to go from neut...
if the water is seeping in though the floor board of the car on the passenger side what kind of damages can i expect
Hello, I have a Lexus ES 300 2002. Few months ago, I started hearing loud road noise coming from front tires that would increase with the speed, I was told that tires had feathered due to bent front shocks and I would...
my truck just left me on the side of the road due to overheating. it had started hesitating and blowing white smoke while on idle until it started overheating and smoking white continuously. what do you think my probl...
I changed the transmission fluid in my truck and now my truck will not move. I have ran thru each gear and back to park and even in gear it just sits there like i'm revving my motor. Can you help me?
this is the first time my gmc is stuck in rsverse help
a/c stopped cooling all at once,pressure gauge was in red, can hear it engage and loud blowing, one metal tube is hot other is cold,and a high pitched hum inside dash it sounds like
help my shift is stuck on reverse i can not move it
I need to replace the front wheel joint on my Dodge ram 1500 4x4. How do I disassemble front spindle to remove the wheel joint and axle.
Where are all of the freeze plugs located at on a 2001 Ford Escort? It's leaking bad, and I'm afraid that I'll have to take it in and have them all replaced. The engine will probably have to be pulled to get to them a...
I have a 1993 Suburban and I am trying to pinpoint the reasons as to why my truck is having difficulties with shifting. My truck will only shift when I let off the accelerator. Any ideas on what could be causing this?
When I turn the steering wheel, the vehicle makes a clicking noise. Is it CV Joints or Tie Rods? How much is it going to cost with parts and labor.
Hello, I just had the brakes redone, all new hardware, brakes and drums replaced in the rear. all new brakes and checked up front and new master cylinder and the brakes are still loosing preasure ( no leaks anywhere I...
Need to replace front brake pads and fix rotors, But i don't want new rotors.