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I check oil level on a daily basis and it is low but no leaks that I can see, have any ideas about what is going on.
2006 nissan maxima where is the wiper motor connectors located and is it a simple fix?
whenever i hit a bump or small pothole in the road it feel like i hit a 3 foot deep pothole its like bam,bam it feels i have no springs on the car and with three or more people forget about it,,...the shocks seems ok...
Hi, My car is fitted with a LPG tank. I mainly use Gas to drive. But i drive with petrol once a week as advised by a mechanic. When i do drive with petrol and start the car up, the engine vibrates and the RPM ...
We were driving down the freeway and the car just lost power like it ran out of gas. We had filled the tank up the day before. We figured the fuel pump and fuel filter had gone out as they were original to the car. ...
Service Engine light on
my front differential is going can anyone give me a solution for this please
The dash lights are flashing and car will not start-
Rear of the vehicle won't lift. Checked air suspension switch under dash, switch was on. It may be up at one point, but as I start to drive, it drops. It's low again once I get to my destination.
The water pump blew and coolant was pouring on the ground.
wiper fuse in fuse box location
how do you change the timing belt on a 1993 V6 mazda 929
The whole audio system works when it feels like it. Just makes a humming noice when not working. Seems to not work more when its cold out.60- 40 work to not working. Any help on what causes this and how to fix? Thanks.
I just recently installed a new stereo and now my dash lights won't come on. I've checked the fuse and it's fine. I replaced the fuse for my bcm so that i have power steering again but I cannot seem to get the dash li...