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I was driving my minivan when all of the sudden I couldn't get over 40 mph. It felt like the brakes had locked up. I pulled over for a bit, and then I tried driving it again. This time it wouldn't let me get over 20 m...
Gas tank emptys quick. Leak doesnt seem to be from.a crack in rank. its leaking from the top of gas tank. Moist with fuel around all sides of gas tank. Car turns on but lags and seems to have to be cranked ...
i was told it was located under the motor by the starter, nope
Engine gets hot and then cools off
There is a small water line that's connected to the radiator and runs under the alternator. And that line is broken, under the alternator. And there really ain't no room ti work on it. How do I repair that line.
I don't think it's battery because the lights go on
My car has a blown head gasket, bad thermostat, bad radiator and it over heats. It's drivable but only short distances. like 30 mins. Im a college student with no money. What should I do?
and pads replaced, balanced wheels and tires and it still does it.
I have 183000 miles on the car. It is strong with a good engine but when I takeoff or pick up speed it jumps a little .What to do?