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H o w do I know if I am getting an accurate price and dianosis?
Im broke n tryn to get on d road, wat is my cheapest way to repair fuel pump
My 1997 Honda Civic HX, passenger side window kept stopping when trying to raise it. Then it started slipping down, and now it is stuck down. I hear the motor when I press the button. It would go halfway up and then...
When replacing the low pressure switch on a 2003 trailblazer do I need to remove the refrigerant before replacing the low pressure switch
Even if I go through puddles very slowly, I still lose the power steering. I had it looked at by my volvo repair guy and he said the power steering line looks good and doesn't know why it happens.
Leak has been fixed before with something that cost around $ 60-65. Drove it for a long time even a couple 4 hour road trips then went out. Again. Each time seems to get worse. Had towed in but haven't heard verd...
rough idling when engine is cold
it leaks in the exhaust outtake
the car engine runs rough after heats up. sounds like its not running all cylinders. I keep adding water but it doesn't show me where it's leaking. No water signs on spark plugs.
Put new battery in car it started first time but after that it will not start again?