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My 2007 dodge charger 2.7 v 6 engine started skipping.I changed all 6 of the ignition coil. But my car still skipping.
I want to replace camshaft position sensor but i cannot find it in my 2003 dodge dakota
This truck has side curtain air bags. Do I have to disable the side curtain air bags to R&R the headliner? How do I remove this headliner without damaging, setting off the side curtain bags?
A clacking noise occurs in the rear end when applying brakes at low speeds, and It happens almost every time if car is moving under 20 mph.
there is oil on the spark plugs i was told that there are some orings that need to be replaced where are they and how do youi replace them
A new radiator so i checked the antifreeze first and its brown so I put a new radiator in it flushed the system put a new water pump and a new thermostat in it and now it blows a hole in the 4 inch hose that runs from...
Sounds like chirping or tapping under the hood. It continues even after I turn off the engine and only stops when i open the door.
My check engine light is on and Suntrup Hyundai diagnosed a bad sensor but said it is embedded in the converter so the entire assembly needs to be replaced at $2300. Is this legitimate?
Hello Everybody, I don't know anything about cars so here is my question. At the ignition there is an orange light on the dashboard saying "Service Engine Soon", but when I turn on the engine this light turns out. ...
when hit button nothing no water goes up to window no sound heard