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the radio would come on and off by itself, ever since the buttons were pushed very fast. The vehicle shut off after these lights came on.
When it rains are get wet sometimes the fuel pump want kick in, but it kicks in crank but want start,,
1st the lower 2 speeds stopped now the upper 2 have stopped as well. What's going on? I already changed the speed control relay that is next to the blower & still nothing.
When I turn the steerining wheel there's a loud squeaking noise. Then I'm told I need fluid but then we can't find where to put like with the brake fluid, oil, ect. Please help.
i have replaced my starter, battery, and i have replaced my starter relay fuse. I checked the ground wires on my car, what is wrong with my car?? any help would be nice
This problem coincided with the check engine light. What is the problem?
My 2004 Audi S4 4.2L CEL came on this weekend the codes are p0174 and p0175 system to rich bank 1 and 2. Check air filter and it looks clean, could this be a Mass airflow sensor? What should be my plan of attach or si...
I have a Cummins ISX from 2009 and I want to make a few repair procedures on it, to clean the EGR and to change all the consumables. The repair manual will help me a lot! Thanks
The indicator lights are (green) as to show that the A.C is on,yet there is no air coming into the car. This happens also when the A.C. is not in use and the fan is.
The other day when we were having a bad storm, my husband I needed to go to the grocery store. By the time we left there were what looked like flood waters everywhere, but we didn't think it was that deep. So, we drov...
the lever still feels the same when i lift it but the gas tank cover won.t open. What can i do to get gas in my car?