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I've been told it's my timing chain but I'm not really sure.Because prior to my tune up and oil change my car was running fine.But it didn't start making the loud noise immediately after maintenance it started a few d...
Car not idilng after start up but will start everytime. No throttle response when I touch the gas
When putting the freeon the compresser was clicking and the ac was working fine. Took a trip the next day used the ac and about 5 hours in to the trip it still works just not as cold? Do we need more freeon or did we ...
Timing chain needs replaced, guide broke.
Why does my passenger seat belt stay on
sagging drivers door
Check engine light fuel pressure system
Replaced ignition module, cap & rotor, spark plugs, alternator, water temp sensor, battery, voltage regulator and car still looses spark usually after heating up. I ran the spark test light on it & thats how I found o...