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First, I want to go ahead and thank anyone who takes the time to try to answer my question. Second, the latest model provided in the drop box was for a 1990 model, that is what I selected because it was the oldest. My...
vacuum pump leaks. Is this something can service?
I replaced the worn out key. made by a dealer I Spray with w40 in the ignition key hole.
My car won't start all of a sudden it click BT don't crank it crank earlier that day BT when I went to crank it later it wouldn't crank.
A few weeks ago some repairs had to be made on my van, it drove fine until last week when engine overheated. I added water and has been fine since. 3 days ago while I was driving the dashboard was acting crazy. Made a...
I have taken it in for this and they cannot recreate it.
The manual only says to drive careful and to take it to the dealer. Is there something I can do?
Check engine light on at 124000 miles code says fuel sensor, hesitates to excelorate stalls out at lights stops signs n idle
I have replaced, PCV valve, diverter valve, all fuel injectors, vacuum pump valve, all my vacuum lines and secondary air pump lines. I have good fuel pressure. The issues comes and goes, I can feel it run rough. The C...