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My front lights light low. I jump started it and run the engine for 30 min but when i turn it off and start it again, it doesn't want to go through again. There 's no indication in my dashboard that my battery is dead...
I tested the current going to button and from button to motor. Everything checked out. I took motor out and watched, as I pushed button, to see if the gear moved when button was pushed. It only worked, when pushed to...
I need it cleared to pass inspection. Is there any other way to clear besides driving it long miles?
There are three lights, the hand break light, the ABS light and the other light next to the ABS light. the other two go off as soon as i start the car, but the other one, which i dont know doesnt go off for the past t...
something broke breaking my fan blades land reader leaking oil like crazy
I removed one of my fuse boxes and forgot to disconnect the battery and now I can't start the car. It won't even turn over. It is the passive anti-theft security system that won't let me start it. I need help ASAP