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It happened first time today. After about 10 minutes it turned off but came on again when I started the car again. Car ran great with no other problems. Battery is 3 years old, cables are tight and look pretty clea...
These noises are easily heard and occur when the engine is turned on (whether the vehicle is moving or not) and sometimes occur for a time after the vehicle is turned off.
This is the bracket on the front of the motor block located on the passenger side of the car. I can replace this bracket but cant seem to figure out why it is failing...
Brakes vibrate, I think muffler is getting loud, right now it gets me where I'm going. I'm concerned with problems cropping up in the near future that may be more expensive than the payments for the new car. I've ch...
Car sat up 4 years. Worked fine when we parked it. 90k miles.
floor or the dash vents. I have checked for vacuum leaks. did not find anything
I lift my car door open and didn't realize it until 8hrs later. Now my check engine light is on plus my battery. What could this be?
Cruise control quit, then would not start next morning, jumped thought it was battery, lights shinning but not on, changed fuse, it started, would not engage out of park, no radio, wipers or break lights. Never had pr...
The fuel guage is at zero, all the way to the left of the guage.
is it the circuit breaker?