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I think this is the second radio manual didn't work
Do I take cover off that u push to blow horn? It will blow sometimes when u turn wheel. Got upper n lower cover off behind wheel. Sounds like ground wire or something is there one under cover?
None of my gauges on the dash instrument panel work. Ex: oil, antifreeze, etc...speedometer
cannot open centre console box to get my manual..also code message on radio because battery died...have new one but no!!!
car had not been driven therefore the jump start from AAA. There was a loud, screechy sound when they connected to the battery. discovered later that the radio does not display at a;;
The Hazard Flasher button on the steering column is broken off. How do I find new one & how much is it to replace?
Police interceptors usually have dark mode activated, which just prevents the dome ligjt from turning on when the door opens. Theres suppose to be a blue harness that you simply disconnect and then disconnect the batt...
and check engine lights switch on for a second, then you hear a click which sounds like its in the glove box and the car dies but once you put it in park or netural it starts right up I changed the top coil pack becau...
SportTrac has recently had a tune-up before traveling from Georgia to Utah. It started up just fine when I drove it off the car carrier and parked it on the driveway. An hour later, went to start it and . . . nothing....