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I have changed the entire set of these on this truck twice within the last 2 years. One by one has gone out and I have replace it. The truck starts missing really bad 1 year ago I got a tune up and replaced all 8. ...
I need to replace the calipers and the brake rotor. I also need to swap the computer. I have a problem with a constant ticking noise coming from under the dash on the left side of the steering wheel and my indicator...
The rotors may be warped but almost every time I come to a stop it sounds like the abs kicks on. WTH please help any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
AC works fine when air is cool. It engages fine a works for a while. Once the outside temp rises compressor stops engaging and AC start blowing hot air.
but not water in the oil and diagnostic engine code came on.
My 2005 Rendezvous Buick has damaged head gaskets that have been overheating and a radiator that will probably need repairs. I would like to get this vehicle fixed, but its too much money to handle, almost $2,000. My ...
runs great, shows a little water coming out tailpipe , resivouir bubbles when its saying its running hot, and i just replaced thermostat,
After engine sits and cools for 1/2 hr., it starts and runs fine again until it stalls again.
I found left turn signal fuse but i can't find the one for the right turn signal