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I took it in to have it checked and they told me water was dripping from the sunroof in to the car computer. I had the sunroof sealed and i still have the same problem. My car will not start up after it rains. Once ...
Brake light comes on when the car is started, doesn't go out, normally it will go out after a few miles. Today it stayed on, any ideas?
already check all part and found no d/c supply to compressor.. pls guide us tq
I had a tune up on my 2006 Toyota Highlander LE 2wd at about 120,000 miles. It has been kept up to date on oil changes with synthetic oil and has been a great vehicle with no real problems. Immediately after the tune ...
recall on the ignition system it was replaces 2 days later car wont start light work all the proper bells work just wont start back to dealer first it was battery needed replace did that they call and said that wasn't...
I flushed out the old coolant and added new. I changed the thermostat. On Thursday ran fine then it's tuesday it over heating again.
I replaced a part of it I cant seem to fibd a blueprint of tge fuel line system on the internet just need to know where the line goes from the tank to the motor like how is ran
The odometer lights and all the others (signal lights, warning light) still work, what could be the problem? Could I fix it by replacing the LEDs?
When we start our truck it will not go into any gear.the only gear it will hold is park.The codes said to change the transmission filters (we did, this did not change anything) can someone please help us out. The truc...
I rear ended another car in the rain couple nights ago. Had my Michanic replace damaged parts bumper and so on!!! For some reason the fuel pump isn't working now any ideas ???? The air bags did deploy