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What else should i be aware of? EGR stopped up/frozen,any bolts thst like to break or strip, etc.
Parking lights work...odometer works check engine/warning lights work...No other issues just can't see speeds and knobs etc at night...all gauges work as well checked fuses all seem far as dimmer..replaced wi...
I have a 2007 Toyota Camry with 115611 miles on it the temperature gauge suddenly drops the tachometer goes crazy and the ABS and Brake warning lights come on. what could be the prblem
Vibration occurs at high and low speeds
My 1998 Monte Carlo z34 has a knocking noise coming from under the hood. No one knows where the noise is coming from. The car does not lose engine compression but dies out while rolling down the street. In order for i...
Dealer replaced battery, fuel filler neck and now says purge valve repairs needed
I'm looking to possibly convert the front clip (fenders, lights, grill, bumper) from my 2007 to a 2008, but I would like to know if the parts fit or will I need to make major modifications.
My acura RSX's SRS light has been about a year after I bought it used in 2009. Repair places have turned the light off but after a few months it will come back on. I'm think it has to due with a Faulty Wire Harness Fo...
I'm aware that the "Check Engine" light comes on, but why? And if not reset by a mechanic but ignored does this ultimately cause more problems? Does it cause failures with the oxygen sensors, etc.??
The engine will re-start without problem. At idling speed RPM is about 500, but sometimes will rev up a little.
When I push the power window switch on any window it makes a noise like it's working, but nothing happens. This is on all windows. It just started. No problems before.
or can we bypass the ignition alltogether
I'm over heating when I turn the AC on... seems like an airflow or waterflow problem... I can't find the thermostat housing.
1) Steering noise at very low speeds, like when you take off from a stop sign and turn either right or left. There is a bit of a "whine" or "straining" noise. The Acura dealer I purchased this from basically told me...