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i took my car into pepboys due to the steering being hard,they diagnosed my car and said i needed a new power steering pump so they replaced it and i still had the problem,so they found out that pump was defective,aft...
So I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring coupe 3.0 liter and every time I try to maintain speed at 35-40 mile per hour I get this really bad shake until I either let of the gas or get on the gas a little bit. I believe its a...
headlights work only if switch is moved to manual position
Just bought a 97 Civic LX automatic trans with 70,000 miles. Noticed an intermittent knock after the first day of driving. Happens in turns at normal speeds, but also happens when driving straight, especially over dir...
Running good. Park. Started up and started misfiring. Ran scan. Got a P0304 code. Under 50,000 miles. Has original plugs, wiring, injectors. Which is the most likely to fail from one moment to another (10 minutes)?
We replaced the relay and it still just blows hot air
the ac blows hot and cold it seems to have a mind of its own.the Freon level is ok
I just put new torque cans in my car and all the seals and everything is new, the car is properly timed both mechanically, and the ignition, yet my car does not want to start properly (it has issues getting into idle ...
I was told that I had FPR problems and to pull the vacuum line off of it to see if there was any fuel coming from it. I could see no fuel. What next?
we replaced the brake pads, rotors, calipers, and master cylinder. Have tried multiple times to bleed the brakes and get them working, but to no avail. HELP
Not sure if the noise is a new problem or just a consequense of have the air con unit taken out of the car.
The speedometer or other instrument panel gauge may begin to work erratically at times