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I need to know where is orfice tube or filter is located on a 2002 Yukon
lost all drive forward and reverse while driving down road
and it still get a reading that the spark plugs are bad.
when it is 70 out side my car has ac when itis 80 outside no ac it is cold then hotand when i go down a hill itgets cold when up it gets hot. real fast and my fan is on when i turn the car on the fan is on all the t...
my 2011 FORD ESCAPE fan is on all the time and is very loud
On My 1994 Isuzu Rodeo 2 wheel drive 3.2 liter V-6 everything works on it except for the speedometer every once in awhile and it is very annoying!!! My Rodeo has cruise control and it also works, up until the speedom...
Goes into gear it drives and changes out great what could be my problem I've already changed the strainer and module valve
Sound stopped by itself, is there a fuse for the sound?
just purchased are installed new battery and now I need a lockout code for the radio and security system but did not come with a can I bypass or get the vehicle code or security code. Or is a way to reset?
I get in my car in the morning and it turns right over , I go into a store , go to turn the key and nothing , it must sit or get a jump in order for it to start , now nothing . Not even a jump will turn it over . So c...
2011 FORD ESCAPE ac coming out hot when car is on but when the car is off it is cold can you help
(Please refer to (2004 Camry Noise Question) orginally posted June 14, 2014, 17.57. Again the noise (low volume "uh uh uh..." is constant when the car is in motion, starting about 30-40 mph. Today, I noticed that t...
I recently installed a new fuel pump on my 2003 Nissan Altima 2.5. Now my fuel indicator is malfunctioning.