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I have replaced struts/shocks all the way around with heavy duty ones. The rear wheel on the passenger side rubs in the wheel well if someone sits in the back seat behind the passenger. Could this be a broken rear sta...
I'm just wondering if my transmission is shifting correctly; my car registers 2400 rpm at 70 mph; it seems a little high; what should it be? Maybe I'm spoiled by my wife's 2013 XF which is only 1800 rpm at 75 mph!
I was wondering if anyone could possible make a video tutorial on how to change transmission filter? I had mine done by a shop and they never changed my filter, just the fluid. Thanks in advance. :)
My big boo -boo......backing up.....tore off housing but niether housing or the mirror broken and still able to move mirror with control from knob in driver's side panel...Can it just be glued back in place? Have,, u...
message says problem with srs system see shop
Change gas tank and erase OBDll, check gas filter and tank for leakers and found nothing, however, it come back
I check the fuses but they look good not sure where to go next
I have a 200 Chrysler town and country ,how do I change the plugs in back, I can change the front
The CD player will not work at all. The holder contains 6 Cds and is located behind the screen showing the radio stations, GPS, and etc. That door opens fine but the cd holder will not move to get Cd's out and will no...
My Honda Accord LX 1998 cuts out on me while driving the car shuts off and I am forced to the side of the road Can you help me Is this a reported problem What can T do to remedy the situation?
Power windows work, but actual window is not properly affixed to mechanism. Therefore, when lowered, it only goes down to a point, and then will not close without manually straightening it (if I'm lucky). I want to tr...
I have a 2000 ford ranger 3.0l flex fuel v6. The truck sat for 2 years. I got it back on the road and it hasn't ran right since. I replaced the fuel pump, battery, fuel filter, distributor, spark plugs, oil and oil fi...
Took off from a stop sign felt like it shifted to neutral. Had to manually shift to get it home and at every stop have to start in first. Any ideas?