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my galant shakes violently while i accelerate at any speed then stops when i let up off the gas. thought it may be an axle problem but changed the axles and still have the problem. could this be a problem with the tra...
I have not found any precipitating circumstances for when it blinks or stops blinking. Anyone have this issue and how did you get it to stop?
i just changed my exhaust manifold and it was not over heating just bogging down and blowing thick white smoke from the tail pipe. there was no smoke coming from underneath the hood could you please shed some light o...
Will not start without a jump, why? All parts have been replaced, including PCM. Throttle body has been cleaned, still won't idle. ? Dies when the foot lets of accelerator. Only the alternator has not been replaced.
cleaned the socket, changed bulbs, checked all fuses and wire connections and it still doesn't work. could it be a relay or something else?
New starter,solenoid,neg.cable,battery checks good.?
my driver side mirror is not tilting when the truck goes in gear and the passenger mirror isn't working neither mirrors are working they don't tilt
why can't I get fuel to my fuel injectors so I can crank my car
I have a honda accord 1992 model. The windshield wipers went out on me. When I turn them on; they make a sound like they are trying to work, but they dont move so I was wondering if the motor is bad or is it something...
What causes squeeking sounds whenac is on its loud when i'm next to hood while car on stops when we turn ac off compressor? open for suggestions
It was cold when it quit is there a place to recharge it is the system Connected to the front refrigerant refill low pressure tube
I was told its the Variable Valve Timing actuator and the OCV, but when I called the dealer they couldn't find a part called a VVT actuator for bank 2. Can this be called a different name? Does this diagnosis sound co...