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My kids and I had carbon monoxide poison after many days driving vehicle. I almost passed out behind wheel. Saw a mist coming out rear facing vent in middle of drivers console.
Okay. I know how to scan a check engine. I got the code. It was a small leak in my evap. Okay. I got it smoked by a mechanic snice i dont own a smoker. Found it was the solenoid. I replaced the solenoid and cleared th...
I knew my harmonic balancer needed replacing but I'm not sure If that's the reason it isnt starting. On it's last ride my 88 was making the worst noise and it was as if my whole car was being shaken by my engine ....
Have a new power stering pump and now they say pulleys need replaced
Had P/S leak in the past. Now fluid levels are normal, but this winding up sound is present every time drive car. Sounds like a toy space ship. Worse on acceleration. Seems tight or hard to make turns.
First, I want to go ahead and thank anyone who takes the time to try to answer my question. Second, the latest model provided in the drop box was for a 1990 model, that is what I selected because it was the oldest. My...
vacuum pump leaks. Is this something can service?
I replaced the worn out key. made by a dealer I Spray with w40 in the ignition key hole.
My car won't start all of a sudden it click BT don't crank it crank earlier that day BT when I went to crank it later it wouldn't crank.