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Had it tested by an engine analyzer. It showed the codes: P0171 and P0174. What are those numbers telling me?
Won't start if left off for more than two days. Once started, starts again first time every time within 2 days. Then won't start unless jumped and gas pumped repeatedly. Battery always checks out good. Dealer says no ...
It just started last week. Was wondering do I need to buy another key? It takes about 15 or 20 trys before lock releases. Any help in this matter will be much appreciated.
my ml500 has been shaken the fuel pump coil packs and wires has been changed ran for a couple days now its stil shaken and when in drive drives slugish
The car makes a roaring sound when I drive but runs quietly when idle
it has a 454 and edelbrock camshaft lifter kit and seems not to be keeping proper oil pressure
Went to the mechanic today to get a sensor replaced for my oil needed indicator. He forgot the flashlight under the hood, it fell on the ground while I was driving with a big "ca-thunk". 40 minutes later, I stop at ...
Their machine and it printed out a code p0401. What does that mean and what i need an eestimate of what the repairs might cost. Also wondering if there are any recalls for this make and model 2001 ford expedition eddi...
Started noticing that running temp was one line above normal but it never over heated. Then while driving it just shutdown and after a period of time I could go drive home (short distance) Replaced the fuel filter and...
They said broken main bearing bolt. Anyone have any experience with this? Worried about metal pieces in engine causing problems later. They are replacing the crank shaft balancer.
it will not stay crunk ,we cleaned the maf sensor and it is worse now