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The brakes are very soft. Have to push down far on pedal to stop. New pads were put on. 3 mechanics have checked i t- all say it is good. But, it still feels soft - pushing down too far to stop. Feels like the br...
My cd player won't let me put an other cd in but it doesn't have any cd in it . Once in awhile I can push the eject button and it will work and I will put a cd in and it will play than when I eject it it won't work an...
botton of it) and lower left shaft(where two pipe connect by a clan). Pick up does not smoke when cool and the oil seems to be leaK in the engine....low mile...what to do?...It started recently...afraid to driv...
I reset the crash button and its starts with ether but after that nothing.It seems like something so simple
I have tried holding buttons 1 and 2 down together but the radio doesn't respond. I have also tried all the other 2 button combinations but still nothing. It will not give me a code. It just says "LOCKED" on the screen.
a friend said its a pressure control gasket probably bad how long do I have to fix it before the transmission completely fails
Wipers turn on automatically when car is started and will not stop.
Ac works, heater works, rear ac works but the blower only work on high.The voltage at the blower does not change. It stays on 12.7 when on the high position. help?
check for vac. leaks none. replaced detritor cap and rotor.check engine light comes on after two days driving help!!!!!
Door locks very hard to move up and down, has been getting worse over the years. The electric actuators don't have the power to overcome the friction. I guess the original lube is all dried up and stiff, that is wha...
Battery is brand new, cabls are clean and tight. It starts fine when cold. After a long trip it drags like it doesn't want to start. After it cools down it starts up fine.