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What could keep starter from getting power? We have a 95 escort 5 spd with a 1.9 engine. It was working fine then one morning it wouldn't start, no cranking, or clicking of the bendex either. I have headlights, hor...
horn dont work fuses r good ?
I understand that the drain can get stopped up and condensate can back up and overflow on to the floorboard. This happened before on a long trip with the air on then again recently. Previous owner parked under trees...
The fuel pump turns on when it turns over but car wont crank, was getting where it was "vapor locking" when it got hot now it wont start help! Im stumped n i need my car running gotta work n have three kids-
My compressor isn't getting power fuse and have checked the relay
Will chime display the above, go off and reappear ever so often.
As many others on this site, our Audi has started filling up with huge amounts of water when it rains....and dumping it on our feet and out the rear a/c vents etc. The plenum tray is clear....but we have been unable ...
Check engine light on got a PO410 code what's wrong g
then it wouldn't start at all. it would turn over but wouldn't start.
dose not work. when i clear codes the gas gauge gose to full and back to e