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I have fire to coil but it's not going through the coil. What could be wrong
I nedd the third row seat
have reset key fob. dash lights come on when I try to crank. battery has been charged that does not seem to want to hold a charge.
Basically she decided that she just no longer would get into reverse. Tried to shift her and while the manual shift shifted into the right position, she wanted to go forward. The stick seemed kind of mushy, though, l...
When the flashers are on the bulbs blink normal. ANY ideas on what is causing this?
As I was on the road, my rpm started going in the red and soon my car wouldn't drive while it was still started, once I pulled over I saw that I had a transition leak and when I took it to the shop I was told that it ...
I inspected the boot, it's not cracked nor greasy. It has a tiny bit of play on the end going into the transmission. Does it need to be replaced ? When driving I hear popping sounds mainly when...
I think this is the second radio manual didn't work