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Try to crank my car all lights blinked the odometer numbers changed to ************* then would not do anything. Horn sound sick lights worked Cleaned battery cables. Battery is five yrs old. Tried jumping still would...
my nozzle broke from the bottom of the housing
transmission seems to be fill past the top mark on the dip stick
they replaced 2 of the air shocks and now my car wont leave down to normal. you feel every bump . ts in worse condition than prior to the air suspension being so called fixed. they told me it would drop after drivin...
My friend changed my oil and my car cranks like normal but when you press the gas to go it revs up but does not move
The car ran good yesterday but went to start it this morning and the temp was high. The fan came on , the belts looked good and coolant level was good. I was thinking it could be the thermostat.
code PO161 oxgen sensor heater circuit bank 2 sensor 2. I have replaced 02 sensor bank 2. engine light will not shut off cleared with scanner, light came back on. please advise
I replaced alternator and the battery still good. I don't know why the Battery light stay on.