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The sound seems to happen at slow speeds and when I turn right. Brought to garage and fixed two motor mounts, but still doing it. I took the tire off and put the spare on to see if it is the tire. The sound is still...
i bought a hitch and need to lower the muffler on one side to install the hitch. the bracket holding the muffler has a strange head on it. What type tool removed the nut on the bracket?
how to fix error messages on acura 2006 tsx transmission check?
I have a sort of grinding noise at the left front of my car - especially when turning to the right. I first noticed the sound about 10 days ago. A friend thinks it might be the bearing. I've got an appt. tomorrow @ t...
sqeak in left front wheel when driving i checked the brake pads the outside pad is fine but in pad has worn very unevenly and has extreme groves however there is still 50percent or better on pad and there is no noise ...
Is there a way to get a free copy or download of the Acura 3.5 RL repair manual?
I just bought the TL before i took delivery I made them do timing belt, water pump, belts. I found that an a hill or when the car labers between 2nd and 3rd gears about 35 to 40 mpgs I get a pulssation. I brought it b...
How I remove rear catalic converter
- Electric check up cost - repair a out of warranty wiper control that is malfunctioning. Even though it's in off position it acts as if it's in intermittent wiper mode.
What can cause 1996 Acura TL 2.5 to skip. Took to dealership said they could hear a skip from touching the brake pedal. No check engine light is coming on though. Can hear third spark plug though. What to do?
alarm goes off, and drains battery. now battery is dead.
1998 RL (85,000 mi.)- Just spent $800 on an intake port cleaning for this car. The egr valve was fine, however the intake was restricted. Is there a way to keep from having to spend this money again at 160,000 mi? Is...
I am having the exact same problem as one of the other writers. In the winter months often times my heat would only blow hot air when my foot is on the gas. and this summer my air conditioner will only come on someti...
changed front motor mount and a sensor on the transmission disloged itself and started leaking transmission fluid not sure if sensor had gromet or seal to prevent leakage after reinstallation
I need to remove the A/C & water pump belts to get to the Alternator Belt. Any tip on where the tensioner is for the outer belt which I believe is for the water pump.
I had a GPS device installed that blow my fuses. I was wondering if someone could suggest several type or even one GPS that I could install in my 2005 TSX 4 door?
My 99 Acura CL 3.0 MIL came on and read a P0740, which read that the TCC shift solenoid sensor was malfunctioning. I replaced the solenoid sensor and reset the MIL.The light never came back on, but the shift problem ...
when driving at low rpm, the engine knocks like the sound of pre ignition! When the car accelerates the knock goes away. The car has 109K, I thinh it';s the timing belt?
During routine maintenace, I was told the dealership mechanic that my power steering boots were torn or ripped, as well as my cv boots. I am thinking to replace a the whole drive axles, not the boots alone. This shoul...
How do you change the engine air cleaner? Is it complicated?
how do I remove seat memory switch
Maintenance check light comes on and off at higher speeds (60 mph)but stays off much of the time. Heavy rain could be a link to it coming on. There is a very slight engine studder when idling forward at a stop light...
Where is the PCV valve located?
my 98 3.5rl odometer light is out and no one knows how to repair it
Rear driver side window and sunroof became inoperable at the same time. Can they both be on the same fuse?
The car has 110,000 miles. At times the car does not start, and when it does start the car will run very rough. Than at times the car will start and run very smooth. What can be the issue?
i have a 2002 acura rl i was wondering if the motor oil pan has a gasket? & does the transmission have a gasket i have a motor oil leak?
i have driven my acura for 2years but one 2months it suddenly shot down,the lights and ignition and after 30minutes it came on again then showed me code on the sreen of the music set.what was the cause?
on a normal non rainy day my car has no problems but when its raining out and im stopped and still in drive the rpm's go up and down then it stalls out! what could the problem be?