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Front a stop position, a thud is heard from the right rear when accelerating quickly, only from 1 to 2 gear. Dose seem to be more noticeable the more quickly you accelerate. If you consciously accelerate slowly, there...
I have a 2003 Acura tl, car needed a boost so now the radio is locked. The serial number is U3001 L5699
everytime we try and start it up it won't start and the alarm goes off everytime I try.
i have acura tl 05 6 speed manual transmission, when i turn left my car make a sound i change both front axle but the noise dont go.
Is there a compass of some sort that is not showing correct heading of the car or is there an antenna problem? GPS tracks correctly but is slightly delayed in displaying car postion as it changes.
it seems to happen all the time it will drive only in 2nd gear
1) Radley Acura said it was free to check the brakes while your recommended shop said it would cost $59. 2) The issue with the brakes is that the ABS pumping action starts sooner than normal(I feel it only in the br...
Want to know what is more cost effective:fixing vs. selling as is in its condition. Has body dents fair condition overall.
were is the location of the fuel relay under the lower dash
It starts but as soon as I take my hand off ignition key (which u have to) the car dies. Is it ignition wire problem? Some time while u are driving, the car dies and then u start cranking and cranking, it start but to...
I am looking for the ac thermostat on my car and need help finding it.
One week after I had the oil changed from the Acura dealer my car acted strange: 1st incident occur was when driving on the highway over 65 miles, the car started to shake and started to lose speed when accelerated sp...
Remote R/F door lock stopped working. Remote trunk lock works intermittently.
Trunk switch in left door operates all the time
Trunk lock button on drivers door work all the time
The car has 139k miles on it and been dealer serviced.
ve keept up with all oil changes and appropriate maintenance. I want to keep it awhile. What preventative maintenance should I be doing at this milestone.
My car is in for oil change at 41,000 miles. Dealer says valve adjustment is routine maintenance
There are two cables attached to the brakes and I don't know if they are brake lines or emergency cables. In any event they are attached to and run under a metal bar and are exposed and could catch on something and b...
Motor revs up in neutral wont rev up in gear
I need to replace rear passenger side bumper reflector.
have been told that since car is over 7 yrs old, belt shoud be replaced
i just got a new radiater, thermosat, sensor and fan motor. if the top hose is swelling up is that because it has air or what else could it be?