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Since i purchased the car i noticed the lights never turned on at night neither outside the dash or steering wheel?
cranks and runs fine first time you crank the car then it just turns over and over with out cranking everyday for a week
first it started to not go on while my car was in park once in drive it went on a couple of times like it got stuck it also smelt funny once it went on the first time it happened then tried to turn it on the other day...
I put in park then go to drive then back to park and it gets stuck and wont start any advice
I was driving with the ac on and it just stopped blowing cold air. checked under the hood and notice that 1 of the fans was working.
The car has 107k miles on it, almost everything replace. From air filter to t-belt and water pump.
It used to be getting 25-26 miles per gallon. And I used premium gas (91 octane). What's wrong?
battery light on
Seems sluggish to switch gears between 55-60 miles per hour.
Would they restrict heat flow or air-conditioning flow?
The VSA light, engine light and a triangle w/an exclamation point in it came on and my car would not accelerate normally. Eventually stepping hard on the gas got it up to speed, until I had to stop for a red light, t...
I have to keep flipping signal several times and hope that it comes on or it may hazard light or signal may come on unexpectedly for about 2-3 seconds and then goes out.
recently replaced. not sure if I can be specific of when car is hot or cold but first time starts are always reliable. the dashboard lights come on, no problem with the battery, all power works. go to grocery store or...
My wife purchased a 2006 TL for herself and we have had several issues. Mind you, she drives like an old lady for her age. First, the power steering hose needed to be replaced (covered under warranty). Second, the fro...
Acura TL 2004 130,000 miles, what are the pipes made of, and is this possible for this car, if so what is approximate cost to replace.
When i have driven for a while the water is really hot in the radiator and it kinda steams out a little bit at the radiator cap so the motor looks dirty... How can i fix that??
the right font headlight burned out. How do you replace it?
Drivers side floor board wet. Especially when it rains.
Checked for sunroof leak as well as windshield and window. Floor board still wet.
Mileage, about 60,000. Drive 9000 a year, mostly highway.