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Maintenance check light comes on and off at higher speeds (60 mph)but stays off much of the time. Heavy rain could be a link to it coming on. There is a very slight engine studder when idling forward at a stop light...
I have an Acura TL 2005. I can unlock the doors and the trunk using either the remote or manually pressing the unlock button inside the car. However, I can't lock the doors and the trunk with either the remote or ma...
When getting gas the guy pumping didn't tighten the gas cap and or I had the car running which created a light to go on. The light sort of looks like an outline of a video camera. I have taken it to several places and...
Where is the PCV valve located?
i simply need to know where #1 cylinder is located.
took apart whole glove box pulled lower dash apart removed 2 screws and still could not find it.
location of cab filter and how to get to it to replace
the back passenger window went down but will not go back up how do i fix it?
Rear driver side window and sunroof became inoperable at the same time. Can they both be on the same fuse?
Having a problem with the transmission disengaging from time to time and on several occasions has actually jumped back into motion with jerk and thumping. Could this be the torque converter?
where do you go to fix the break it a connection problem or bulb issue. the middle one is out on the back window and the tail break lights come on but are dim.
At how many miles should these be changed? I have a 2005 TL. Thanks!
Hell all. Would one of you be kind enough to tell me if a 1997 acura 3.2 TL has a cabin filter and if yes, where it is located? Thank you.
i have 1999 acura tl its so hard to steer. and my power steering oil keeps leaking and i removed the hose thats connected to the oil cup thing and put it back on and its not that what do i do?
The car has new spark plugs, new battery, etc. The car is in the shop and they can't figure out what is wrong. Any suggestions.
My wife dropped something next to the seat and I can't reach it. How do I remove the front seatS?
I'm getting a rattling noise when accelerating. It's not constant but intermittent. Seems to happen at around 2,200 rpm's. Could it be the catalytic converter?
I have contacted local shop in Houston area to find out how to reset readyness codes on 96 Acura TL and he sent me a sheet that explained that after reseting computer it would be nessesary to drive the car per these i...
my acura will not pass the readyness test so i can get it smoged help
when I make a right turn I hear click click... Is this CV joints?
what is cost of transmission fluid change
my 2007 acura tl doesn't downshift smoothly when using automatic transmission, it seems to be a little jerky, is this normal.
it is misfiring all 6 cylinders, and the codes do not want to pop up + it needs an 02censor
the PCS & engine light just came on last week in my 2003 Acura TL 3.2LT..what does the PCS light mean/stand for? i cant find my owners manuel, thx!
The car has 110,000 miles. At times the car does not start, and when it does start the car will run very rough. Than at times the car will start and run very smooth. What can be the issue?
2001 ACURA tl, has 110,000, the car blows hot air, what can be the problem
2001 acura tl with 110,000. I have 2 problems, 1- the air conditioner only blows warm air. I tries using the auto air and manual air, both function the air is warm. What can be the issue. The other issue, at times the...