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When should i be changing the filters in my car, air/cabin/fuel? I have a 2003 tl with 82K on it and want to keep it long term.thanks
Out of nowhere my 2003 TL-S with 182k miles started groaning at about 30+mph. The faster I go the louder it gets. But it is not related to the gas pedal bc when I take my foot off the gas it still groans and slows dow...
I have a sort of grinding noise at the left front of my car - especially when turning to the right. I first noticed the sound about 10 days ago. A friend thinks it might be the bearing. I've got an appt. tomorrow @ t...
hi i work at CP & T auto in lowell ma 01851. i want to get my shop on this site. i feel like this site is great and i would love to see if you can help me out? thanks joe
sqeak in left front wheel when driving i checked the brake pads the outside pad is fine but in pad has worn very unevenly and has extreme groves however there is still 50percent or better on pad and there is no noise ...
My car was taken to a local shop to get an oil change and to get the fuel line clean. When I got my car back, the hood was slightly ajarred on the passenger side. The dealer claimed the hood was that way when it was...
I just bought the TL before i took delivery I made them do timing belt, water pump, belts. I found that an a hill or when the car labers between 2nd and 3rd gears about 35 to 40 mpgs I get a pulssation. I brought it b...
Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1996 Acura 3.2 tl?
hi my names mandi mys i own a 2003 acura tl i bought a year ago with 80,000 miles on it it seemed to run perfrctly fine for the first year recently it started having trouble shifting when i put it right in drive 5 i w...
replaced the fuel pump and the car will not start what should i do notify me @
The fan....heat.....air conditioning.....NOTHING IS COMING ON! It was working Saturday night and when I got back in the car two hours later NOTHING!!!!!!!!
where is the fuel filter located
popping noise while turning wheel back and forth, dealer replace cv joints and told us they were done looking at it, there was nothing wrong it was safe to drive. the noise is bad(sounds to me it is the rack).
How much does fixing a car brake minimum cost?
i need to kno what i can do to fix the problem?
What can cause 1996 Acura TL 2.5 to skip. Took to dealership said they could hear a skip from touching the brake pedal. No check engine light is coming on though. Can hear third spark plug though. What to do?
How do I replace broken wheel studs if there is no opening to push the studs out the back?
sometimes engine checklight stayson and sometimes keep on flickering
I have a 2005 Acura TL with a manual trans (6speed) which needs the drivers side half shaft replaced. I was wondering before I get started on the repair is there any special tools, parts, or procedures is should follo...
I am having the exact same problem as one of the other writers. In the winter months often times my heat would only blow hot air when my foot is on the gas. and this summer my air conditioner will only come on someti...
I need to remove the A/C & water pump belts to get to the Alternator Belt. Any tip on where the tensioner is for the outer belt which I believe is for the water pump.
i have a 2005 acura tl front driver side wheel all most torn off how much to replace whole left side wheel suspension etc.
are there car trackers on these models so i can locate my car if stolen?
I filled up my car last night and when I got in it this morning the fuel gauge needle was on the empty side and the low fuel light was blinking. This light never blinks whan I am low on fule it stays on. I checked all...
Diagnostic code P 1491 - Malfunction in EGR System. Check engine light stays on however ports were cleaned one year ago. Light stayed off until one week ago (6/1/10). What is code 1491 exactly.
the windshield wipers will not turn off.
I have a 1996 Acura TL 2.5 when I come to a complete stop the car dies. It restarts but dies at every stop. Can someone please help!!!!!
1996 Acura will not go into drive. You have to force it. When you do it force it and start driving it acts like it wants to cut off but doesnt
spark plug fireing order for acura tl 3.2