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where is the fuel filter located
popping noise while turning wheel back and forth, dealer replace cv joints and told us they were done looking at it, there was nothing wrong it was safe to drive. the noise is bad(sounds to me it is the rack).
How much does fixing a car brake minimum cost?
i need to kno what i can do to fix the problem?
What can cause 1996 Acura TL 2.5 to skip. Took to dealership said they could hear a skip from touching the brake pedal. No check engine light is coming on though. Can hear third spark plug though. What to do?
How do I replace broken wheel studs if there is no opening to push the studs out the back?
sometimes engine checklight stayson and sometimes keep on flickering
I have a 2005 Acura TL with a manual trans (6speed) which needs the drivers side half shaft replaced. I was wondering before I get started on the repair is there any special tools, parts, or procedures is should follo...
I am having the exact same problem as one of the other writers. In the winter months often times my heat would only blow hot air when my foot is on the gas. and this summer my air conditioner will only come on someti...
I need to remove the A/C & water pump belts to get to the Alternator Belt. Any tip on where the tensioner is for the outer belt which I believe is for the water pump.
i have a 2005 acura tl front driver side wheel all most torn off how much to replace whole left side wheel suspension etc.
are there car trackers on these models so i can locate my car if stolen?
I filled up my car last night and when I got in it this morning the fuel gauge needle was on the empty side and the low fuel light was blinking. This light never blinks whan I am low on fule it stays on. I checked all...
Diagnostic code P 1491 - Malfunction in EGR System. Check engine light stays on however ports were cleaned one year ago. Light stayed off until one week ago (6/1/10). What is code 1491 exactly.
the windshield wipers will not turn off.
I have a 1996 Acura TL 2.5 when I come to a complete stop the car dies. It restarts but dies at every stop. Can someone please help!!!!!
1996 Acura will not go into drive. You have to force it. When you do it force it and start driving it acts like it wants to cut off but doesnt
spark plug fireing order for acura tl 3.2
I have noticed my car getting a little warm when it set running on a real hot day. I checked the coolant level and add some. Then the other day it over heated and had no water flow. Heater blow cold and I could stick ...
my car was is having starting problems i replaced starter and the problem still exists
The blower for the AC/Heater fan inside the vehicle is not working
Need full procedure including how to remove rear seat.
Engine Mounts broken. Spotted during routine maintenance. Car was in an accident prior to the last maintenance. Could this be the cause. Ins. Co says it could be wear and tear. Anyone else have this problem.
How do you reset the maintenance warnings after an oil change?
My Acura dealer has given me a price of $576 to replace front and rear valve gaskets and to adjust the valves on my 1999 Acura TL with 91000 miles on it. Is this a fair price or a ripoff?
rpms surge about 50-100 when at constant speed of 65. this last only for a few seconds then goes away and comes back. no lights on dash at all
How do you change the engine air cleaner? Is it complicated?
Musty odor in car. 40,000 miles. Need location of cabin filter and how to replace it.
how do I remove seat memory switch