The light on my radio is burn down Is it easy to fix it or do I have to take to the dealer?

how difficult is to replace oil pan and how much would an independent mechanic charge

heater/ac blower motor does not work at all

code p-1457

code unknown

How do you remove the front park light covers to clean the inside?

what does the code p730 mean

What is the cost to replace.

a] 2 motor mounts?

b] 2 brake pads?

I have a 2003 acura TL. today the acc relay fuse blew and continue's to blow. any sugestions?
you can contact me by e-mail (msmith5685@yahoo.com)

The car would start but not stay on I changed the things I thought it would be but still same situation

How do I fix this?

Does a 2008 tl have a factory/stock auto start on the stock/factory keys

My acura is 122,000 miles. It has been leaking oil even a new valve was put it and then the check engine light has been going on and off for almost a month.

Car is in superb condition. Have had brake pads but I think I need new brakes. What can I expect as cost?

I have a 2000 Accura TL V6 now at repair shop for 3rd time. Has new battery. Alternator/charging system checked, Satarter and system checked. No problem are parts have been replaced but battery still goes down, especially when driveing with a/c on or in stop & go conditions, short trips , etc. Will jump start easy. This is a year long problem. I would appreciate your input.

2 transmission replaced in March 2004. Transmission just went yesterday at 140K miles. Is it still under warranty?

I am thinking about purchasing a certified pre-owned var with about 32000+44000 thousand miles, but I'm m being told that the repairs are expensive. Is this correct? What are prices for general work like oil changes and brake pads?

have a P1259 dtc on a 3.2L eng; removed the top cover but can't find the vtec solenoid

my heater doesn't work during very cold weather but now it starting work from yesterday,now temp +12 please advice what i have to do. what is the problem? thanks

At what mileage should i change the timing belt and spark plugs?

At 35000mls what maint. is required?

Recently the driver's seatbelt "froze up" (belt has frayed places)The body shop wants $600+ to replace it. I'm looking for a less expensive solution/ replacement belt. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

My car was shutting off while driving, we replaced the mas air sencer that was needed the car was running ok! Now it shut off while driving agagain! What else could this be? We repaced everything we could think of!

is this a head gasket and what can i expect for repair cost????

cost to replace transmission fluid?

Just bought a 1996 Acura 2.5 TL the radio need the code. Is there a way to bypass the code other than purchasing a new stereo system?Bought the car a week ago and the owner does not have the number..

My car smokes when I pull up somewhere but not from the tail pipe. toward the front right side of the car is where it seems to be coming from. Also I always smell this stinky smell like I have oil burning or something?? Please help I know nothing ....

My car makes a loud chattering noise after start up, at low speeds, when turning. This occurs on both sides. It occurs more frequesntly when it is cold out.

I purchased a used high mileage 98 Acura TL with 2.5 but seems to be in overall great mechanical condition. Several weeks later on a very humid/damp morning, it simply would not start in its usual short -less than 2 seconds -starting cycle. After numerous attempts of off/back on/crank cycles it did start. Has happened a few times since but always starts eventually. The problem only seemed to occur on really damp or high humidity mornings. I had a similar problem with a 92 Honda Accord, but resoldering a broken/cold solder joint on a main relay (posibly a fuel relay) way up under dash on driver side corrected that problem for good. My online research suggest a faulty coil wire in a main fuel pump relay for this vehicle as well. Anyone have a similar problem and know a likely fix? If so, I would REALLY like to hear from you. I am a DIYer mechanic and actually taught basic automotive mechanics at the HS and college leverl years ago.

how do you remove the front passenger seat?