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my car ac some time blowup cold air and after 10-15 minute stoped cold air and bbblowup just normal air, i took my car to maccanic but he not found anything he said lookslike somewhere is blocked could you please tell me whats proiblem? thank you ayyub patel 4695691406 E-MAIL ADDRESS: atdasan@YAHOO.COM

Tonight is my siblings' prom and when my brother went to leave for the night, the car wouldn't shift out of park. This was the first time it happened. I rocked the car a bit, he turned the wheels a couple times, and the car started; however, when he picked up his date and went to leave, the same thing happened. Anyone know what's going on???

Right side low and high beams have failed and all research indicates headlight switch failure. How do I change the switch? Thanks

I have a 3.2 acura TL and i see oil leaking at the oil pan gasket. It looks like I need to remove the exhaust and a few bolts from the transmission. I am just asking if i am headed in the right direction and if there is anything I should look out for. Thank you

I have a water leak somewhere causing my floor on the drivers side to be soaked 24/7. It's worse when it rains.
Anyone have this problem and any ideas on how to fix.

Need oe part numbers for 2 speed sensors mounted on transmission 2003 acura 3.2tl a/t

I need the Honda part numbers for the 2 speed sensors mounted on the transmission--2003 Acura 3.2tl 19uua56683a032623

Body rattle, rt/ rear. Replaced rt/rear strut. No help. If there is a weight placed in the trunk, or the air temp is warm, the rattle disappears.The noise reverberates throughout the body.

I was in an accident & the front air bags deployed. Are there any other components that will need to be replaced other than the air bags?

whats is the cost to install struts

Don't know the code. Happen when I came off the beltway 95n geeting on the off ramp exit 53 caton ave balto. Md. On the ramp I reduced speed to about 25-30mph but the car wouldn't shift pas 3rd gear. Plus it was a hot day and I was driveing for 2 hours

need to locate and identify the fuel relay switch.

brought the car feb.12,11 now when i hit the gas it slows up on its own, my first car so im a lil nerves,can any 1 help me please!!!!!!

I disconnected my acura car battery and i loss my radio code
can u help me with the code?.Serial # is bd017393.

i tried to start my car today and it tried to turn over then it started clicking. i jumped it and it started right up, i drove it, turned it off and on and it started right back up.several hours later same problem.there were no warning lights or anything.

I purchased a 2003 TL-S model Acura last week and attempted
to place a CD in changer and received ER-E1 message. What should I do to play CDS?

The light on my radio is burn down Is it easy to fix it or do I have to take to the dealer?

how difficult is to replace oil pan and how much would an independent mechanic charge

heater/ac blower motor does not work at all

code p-1457

code unknown

How do you remove the front park light covers to clean the inside?

what does the code p730 mean

What is the cost to replace.

a] 2 motor mounts?

b] 2 brake pads?

I have a 2003 acura TL. today the acc relay fuse blew and continue's to blow. any sugestions?
you can contact me by e-mail (

The car would start but not stay on I changed the things I thought it would be but still same situation

How do I fix this?

Does a 2008 tl have a factory/stock auto start on the stock/factory keys

My acura is 122,000 miles. It has been leaking oil even a new valve was put it and then the check engine light has been going on and off for almost a month.

Car is in superb condition. Have had brake pads but I think I need new brakes. What can I expect as cost?