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I have a 93 acura legend 3.2..... and I just had the radiator replaced..... then I got a leak.... could it be the water pump...?
Acura Legend ' 91. after driving for 15 min. at @ 25 mph. on flat smooth roads hear a knocking noise under the front of car. have replaced the frt lower ball joints and back of muffler.
batt was checked good Fuses are good Main relay is good too changed Ignition switch was changed too Neutral safty switch was cleaned
I've checked the fuses under the hood and at the Driver kick panel and they are all good. It's hard to identify which fuse(s) is for that seat. Neither the back up/down or the seat forward/back work. How are the fuse(...
Trying to figure out why i wont stay running. Please help me
I just replaced my water pump and now my car wont stay running unless i am on the throttle and it now blows black smoke timing u s dead on can someone please help me
Failed emissions smog test my NO @ 15mpg was 1060 and @ 25mpg 907?
my car hasnt been moved in awhile and i need to get a battery but i dont know if a plus start battery will work for it or not
water pump, timing belt, head gasket, radiator have all been replaced. Thanks
I was drii and it just stoped it has water and oil but wont start or shift out of park
1988 acura legend Coupe, The tachometer stopped working, motor has hesitation, and stalls when I put the car in reverse a couple times and started back up after 15 minutes, check engine light comes on after 10 minute...
The engine is not getting enough fuel to keep it running.
The problem has been there for a bout 2 months now. It just keeps blinking and it makes the engine sound like it has asthma.
I've done changed the spark plugs and spark plug wires, and also the distrubiter cap
Once I crank it up, it will stay on for 5 mins and then cut back off. And once it does it won't crank again for 24 hrs. and do the same things all over again.
I have a 90 Acura Legend L (automatic). I was driving to a new job (uphill) and all the sudden the engine light came on and the car started dieing when I pushed on the gas. I was able to drive it back home. When I got...
I replaced the radiator for a total of 3 times once when I bought the car in 2002 the next one last year and the most recent one last week the one I replaced last year started to leak at the plastic seam.and this curr...
already tried locking and unlocking the doors and unhooked the battery
In P, N, my idle fluctuates R the car acts like it's in neutral D, S3, S4, and 2 work fine. But if I disconnect the shift linkage at the shifter lever and put the lever into D and then manually pul the cable to the tr...
I was on the interstate and my car started to overheat. It would run for about an hour and then it started would start to over heat.
Hi I live in Turkey I have a 1992 Honda Legend 3.2 V6 AT 4 door. I know acura legend and honda legend are the same, same engine and same transmission I need a transmission repair kit, Where can I find transmission re...
My sister had engine replaced for damage due to fluctuating overheating til engine ruined. First day of driving, car overheats. Mechanic said engine pressures were fine; says problem is a hose on top of the engine. Ca...
All 4 brakes became rusted from 7 months inactivity on a 95 Acura Legend following the winter. Need 4 new brake pads and rotors. Any input regarding the time and material cost of repair would be helpful. Thanks, Hu...
Why do headlights flash off at night sometimes, and won't come back on with the switch.
The Passanger side glass is stock and I think it the fuss the blew up
Not firing on spark plugs or injectors. What could it be?