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It died a 1/4 mile later and hasnt started since. It turns over fine. It wants to start as soon as i hit the key but it dies as soon as i release the key. I changed the main relay and it still wont start.
Is it going to break down to where it's not useable
I have a new battery, 262,000 mi on car, and the timing belt isn't due to be changed till 281,000.
My 94 legend has been perfectly maintained with 142,000 miles on it. Just Started a drivetrain vibration when it is put in gear. Runs perfectly smooth when in park or neutral. Has anyone had this problem? Acura deale...
When I press the cruise control the green light comes on, but when I press the set button on the steering wheel, NOTHING.
It had been working intermittently over the past three months now it has completely stopped
Cooling fan was burning I was told. They disconnected it and the battery is still draining. Interior lights and cigarette lighters not working. What could be causing this.
Where do I find a maintenance schedule for my 1992 legend?
I just want to make sure the service is done when it should be.
on the 3rd day I replaced my radiator,on the fourth day another hose busted in the back.My heater core is already shot and I had a bypass done but my car is still leaking antifreeze.Especially after I fill it up with ...
If any near 77004 can do this along with the tail seal let me near from you.
so if I put the car in neutral then I can move what's the problem
had the flywheel resurfaced by Acura Ventura - to save me some $. Those guys were gr8 to me BTW. I now can't afford to take to Acura - and had one mechanic drive it parking lot sure the entire clutch needed to be rep...
i drive it it does not heat up but the hose gets swollen
The compressor is good, the ac has freon, all the switches work and just replaced the ac-radiator fan switch in the passanger side. I'm lost
where is the water pump located, on a 1991 acura legend?
you have to hold the key betwwn start and the on you hold it and it runs reat you let go and it will die any ideas would be helpful thanks in advance....