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it seems like we need to either rebuilt the engine and the housing or replace it with a japenense 2000 or 2001 engine, could that be done, and would it interfere with the computer
I went to run an errand and when I unlocked the door, the alarm went off. I put the key in the ignition and the alarm turned off, but the car wouldn't start. On top of that the lights, int.&ext., all flash and there ...
where is the fuse box on my 1990 acura legend
when i start my car to warm up after one or two minute it start to rev up like some one is pressing and releasing the gas peadle ? my second question, when i am driving at 60mph i notice my rpm is at 3000 what could b...
How can I idle down a 92 acura legend
How much should I expect to pay to replace a Heater Core in a 1992 Acura Legend? IF it helps any, I live in St. Cloud, Minnesota.
how do I remove the bose radio unit from the dash, I need the serial # from the back of the unit. Hanko
My car recently developed the starting problem. Last time I had to tow it to the mechanic shop. The mechanic says my car has blown head Gasket and it is smoking. So when the engine is heating up it is having the start...
I am replacing an Ignition Lock Assembly on my 93 Acura Legend. How do I remove assembly from the steering column?
type of air conditioner propellent
My Legend is an 89 coupe. The cooling fan comes, and goes off, even after the car has been sitting in my garage for 18 hours. Is there anything that can be the cause other than the temp sensor???
I was just told by a representative that I'm going to need a new wheel bearing replaced on the front right side along with the racket pinion, and ball joints. I'm looking for a good inexpensive mechanic that will work...
thanks a lot for get back to me. I'll keep you post
I have changed the radiator cap yesterday and filled up the radiator for about 18oZ of antifreeze, this morning, I've added another about 15oZ to the radiator and it's seem OK. The fans did not run when it was showing...
I have a 94 legend coupe. It sometime show that the temperture is or event overhot. but when I shut off cer and start it again it'll be back to normal temp. sometime I have to give couple tries to make it works. So, I...
How do I reset need oil change warning after service?
How do I open the hood if the battery is dead ?
When I start my car there is white smoke that comes out of the exhaust, the car itself rides great. However, we are not the orginial owners of the car and we are definitely not sure why there is white smoke. But onc...
What is an egr solenoid and do u have any price ranges for this in my zip? Thank you. P.S. I really have a 1989 Legend
When accelerate from stop after idle. There is trail of smoke from tailpipe for a short distance. I notice more smoke the longer the car idle. Is there some type of additive can be added to fuel?
How is the ac blower accessed in my Legend?
Need steps to replace driver's side headlight assembly.
thanks you answering my i would like to know do i need to replace the cold idle valve right away?will it damage my car at all?
when i pop my trunk its opens just fine,but when i try to close it doesn't shut sometimes and i have to hit it like 3 or more times?
my car revs up and down when in park but it only does it sometimes,what could it be and how much do you think it would cost to switch it?
Flashing on the dashboard. WHat does this mean?
blower for the heating and AC are out. How does one diognose and verify what the problem? Thanks Much
Have a grinding, whurling, whinning sound as the car drives strait. When making a left turn, no sound. Did notice one of the boots on the passanger side tie rod has broken away from the tie rod itself. I don'...
I replaced the drivers side headlight assembly and when I plugged it in, the horn went off but the lights did not come on
I have a stick shift, and when I drive on the freeway and I speed sometimes when I stop there is this fowl odor like the cv boot might be to hot or something. What do you think it may be?