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where is the starter located, and is it easy to locate and changed?
do I have to access the starter from under the car?
whenever i put the keys in the ignition, the lights come on the dash, but when i turn the key, nothing happens, I don't get no kind of response from the motor
Fuse #4 under the hood. It's burn but every time I replace it, it burns again. can somebody help me?
It had been working intermittently over the past three months now it has completely stopped
The squealing sound is load and clear in upper corner on driver side
Our MDX is parked outside always. Ever since it became cold, our Check Engine light is on until we've been driving for 30 or so minutes. It also begins to shudder when you exceed 20 mph. I also noticed today that the ...
car dont want to start at times,i switch key and it starts other times i just keep turning the key off and on and it eventually starts. this has been going on for a few years.
A 2007 TL, with 128k, power steer is tight at stop or low speed, there is some oil near o-ring (near the belt). Just had the regular B1 service, dealer suggested to replace all power steer rack, cost ~$2.2k. How I kno...
It overheated a while back but was done them started sounding horrible when starting. It had no power when starting and you hear a rattle coming from thxe exhaust. I'm stuck out in the middle of no where and need to...
Im asking this because I need to go get my car smog
I have had an issue where the headlights will not turn on...they work because they will be on and if I turn the car off and then go into a store and come back out they will not work, the turn signals don't work either...
When my lights are on my tail lights do not work, but when I push the brakes the brake lights will work...I have looked at the fuses and they are fine...I actually juts noticed the problem don't know how long it has b...
1000 miles ago. I don't think they can be worn again. The computer code says it is a shift solenoid. I changed a filter Honda said did not need to be after problem had happened again. (Should have in the first place)....
Inner handle was sticking. Cold weather. Need info to get door opened.
Just had my airbag module replaced and this light was off is it related?