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replaced master & slave cylinders, did clutch kit. car won't go in gear hard to press down clucth. Started having clutch issue after hearing a loud bang like I was rear ended. Flywheel?
i turn the key it act like it wants to start but, never turn over
I just had my front struts replaced. All of a sudden, after the replacement, I am getting vibration and clunking noise after the car has been driven a while. This comes out of the front drivers side. The noise disappe...
how do you read the codes on the code box?
when is it time to change the timing belt?
There is a code box under the passenger seat. I need to know if there is a way to find a list of codes on line. The car turns over but won't start.
how to replace cabin air filter
bank 1 sensor 2 location
Could you give me an estimate of expected brake pad mileage before requiring replacement. Driving style is pretty conservative, not overly fast and generally within the speed limit and I would estimate spent approxim...
At what mileage should oxygen sensor be replaced?
I have 6 CDs loaded and can not eject any one of them. What should I do?
I rinsed the dust off under the hood I can't hear the a/c compressor kick on probably why it doesn't cool,checked the fuses theyseemall good
how do i tell if it is the lamp or ignitor that is bad?
Light came on I cleared the slush off the sensor, but has stayed on for several days although it has been dry and above freezing. ACC light then comes on intermittently.
1. The engine is shaking when am accelarating expecially on a hill 2. The car bings our white smelling smoke from the exhuast and the temparature rises. 3. The D4 light is always binking after a 3min ride and never...
how do you replace driver side mirror and passenger side mirror glass only with heating eliment
where is the tube to add the transmission fluid?
How do you change timing belt
it seems like i am loosing the ground on the relay side from the computer....
should you not get a universal catalytic converter.
what is the proper procedure to change the rear brake pads
i like to kwno how to remove the spring from the shocks
I have a 2004 TSX and it is burning oil. It does not smoke but it is down a quart every 400 miles. Anyone else have this problem?
My wife accidentally drove her newly purchased 2003 MDX with 97K miles on it in the 1-2 gear mode for around 20 miles, attempting to go 70 mph. She stopped car when all dash lights went wild. When I got to her, I turn...
anitlock brakes always deploy everytime i brake
how difficult is this procedure?
car runs good just won't pick up speed at take off pulls real slow and sluggish
My RL was running fine. After not using it for two days, all of electrical functions have shutdown. The car won't start, there is no power to anything. I'm thinking/hoping it's a fuse. Any help is appreciated.
The dealership has determined that I need a new timing chain. The car only has 75,000 miles on it. The car was taken to the dealership because the engine light was on and they put it on the computer and there wasn't...