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will radiator damage cause whit smoke to come out of the tail pipe? Also will radiator damage cause too much anti freeze to fill up the resevouir?
Hi, need to replace all 4 tires in 05 MDX which has the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system). Can these tires be replaced at any store such as Sams and how does that affect the TPMS ? thanks
While I was driving my oil light and battery light turned on and I was unable to drive it afterwards. Is this a problem with the battery? We tried jump starting it but it didn't work.
How do you replace driver's side headlight bulb?
when i start the car the ac is allway on?
coolant fan relay or sensor is out fans wont turn on
Broken belt on ac compressor, how serious is this.
I have a 2000 TL with 93,000 miles, the dealer is recommending I change the timing belt at a price of $900. Is it necessary to change now and is this a good price?
I have a 2000 TL, with 93,000 miles, the dealer recommends the timing belt changed at a price of $900..Is it necessary to change now and is a good price?
I had my blower motor replaced (MAJOR) they had to pull the dash etc. Now my lighter does not work. It says in the manual that in an emeregcy you can pull a non-essential fuse ie radio or cigarette lighter, but, I can...
My abs light comes on and off while driving and my radio will shut on and off because of it,Then my speedometer will go to 0 then back to whatever speed I was at. What Would cause this?
car is cutting off while driving! fuel pump and relay replaced already
this car juck at high speed
I am having a problem with my lifters and want to change them out. Can you give me the procedures to follow, ie bleed lifters, what needs to be removed, etc. Thanks in advanced Clyde
How to change the The Cabin Air Filter may also be referred to as a Pollen Filter, Micro Filter or an Air Conditioning Filter.Where is it located and how do I change it?
going up a hill at 25 mph or 40 km the engine seem to miss, but if i accelerate it stop missing or jurking
I brought my car to a mechanic to repair the air conditioning. They told me the compressor was out, and so they charged me $600 to replace it. About a week later the AC was no longer blowing cold. I took it back, a...
i can only turn on my wipers they do not turn off, they can increase in speed but not decrease..any ideas on what it could be?
My shifting between gears have become more difficult and I think my transmission fluid is old. What kind should I replace it with?
my heater just went out when i rearanged some fuses recently, what do i do to get my heater working again?
I replace both excel and now I hear a thump noise when I stop or turn the wheel to the right when stopping. The noise sound and feel like its coming from the middle and sometime the right side of the car. I notice the...
what's the problem?
my service required light will not go off it still wont, i have tryed to reset it by the service manual and it will not reste p.s ihave had it serviced oil change and new plugs thank you
when should timing belt be replaced
I have removed the tire, caliper, screws, and spindle nut and backed off the e-brake, but it still won't come off. I want to know if you are to use a puller before I force it...
my srs light is on how can i remove it? what can couse the srs light to turn on?
I have noticed that my 06 TL center console gets extemely HOT. This would be on either side of the console right next to the seat belt buckles from the back of the cupholders to the storage box. I am wondering if anyo...
What causes my car not to start unless the steering wheel is turned to left, then it will start. What repairs are needed to fix this problem. Thanks.
Car won't start unless steering wheel is turned to left. What causes this. What repairs are needed to fix this problem.