the car wont stay on could it be the fuel pump the plug are new

My 2004 tl driver side power door won't lock / unlock using the remote key transmiter The battery in the remotes is new

how mutch cost front pads androtors

i had it written down somewhere but i lost it i think its starts with 5 im not sure but i really would love someone to help me ive been driving without a radio for 1 week now

can someone plz give me the radio code for the 1996 acura 3.5 rl ive tried everything nothing helps

how important is cold cracking amps when buying a new battery?

when i put the car on drive i get a kick

My wiper delay works maybe 1% of the time. It usually stops in the middle of the windshield. the slow and fast speed were fine until three wks ago. Now I only have slow speed. Is this something I can fix myself and how. Or do I need to just take it to the shop? Any help greatly appreciated.

when driven the car will not restart this has been happening for about 2 months. had a diagnostics no codes surfaced could this have anything to do with 3rd clutch pressure switch if so need to see pic of where part is located

My acura tsx 2004 runs very well, however, it has intermittent starting problems

60000 mile transmission fluid vhange

no problems at present.

the car isnt getting any fire to the engine.and all my lights to the car keeps blinking on and off.the car itself will not turn over and crank up.it has been sitting in the yard for at least 4 months. i think it is the distributor.

if i put diesel on a 2004 acura tl what would happen?

I accidentally added a half quart of different grade of motor than what was in the engine by the same manufacturer Mobil 1. The car seem to run okay, but do I need to change the oil as soon as I can or it will not matter. My car manufacturer recommends 5-20 weight and I put in a 5-30 to top off.


A/C is working most of the time, but when I go out on Sat.'s about 1-2p, in the hottest part of the day, the A/C will quit being cold about 10 min. out & it doesn't come back on. I recently had the A/C fan (& motor) replaced. I have taken it to the dealer for the recent problem, but they could not duplicate the issue. Any suggestions?

This problem just occurred.

My car is an 1999 Acura 3.2TL. The rear driver's side door handle is broken and the child proof door lock is on. How can I get the door open in order to fix both problems?



Hi--I have a 2005 Acura RL, and just recently have been having issues with the air conditioning. When I start the car sometimes the car will get cold, sometimes it won't. I took my car to a supposedly reputable honda/acura mechanic, and he said that I need a new compressor and that would cost ~1500$. First, can the compressor be bad even if the car ac works intermittently (I was guessing it would be a electrical issue). Second, is $1500 a unreasonable cost to replace the compressor?

In the past couple of weeks my 1996 Acura RL after cranking will stall and will not start after several times of trying. If it sets for a few seconds then it will crank. Sometimes if i just get in like first thing in the mornings it does the same thing after a few times of trying it starts. I can drive it for 30 to 40 miles and it runs fine. It might not happen for several days or sometimes a week. The car does have 269000 miles and i am the second owner so i have no previous history. What could be my problem.

i have a 2004 acura tl that is low on transmission fluid. however, i can not figure out where to add the fluid. Please help!!

My problem is that I tryed to start the car with the inition key, turn it all the ligths on the dash board are on but the engine wont turn, try another key to make sure the key still works same result, try my remote starter and engine turn and runs fine as long the key is inserted in the inition switch, do I need to replace the inition switch??

thank you for your responces.

1999 acura tL has been sitting but I will start it up let it for ten min. i drove it one day then it wouldnt start it would just click. i got a jump.went it would always start till today i let it run for ten min.then went to start it it wont start it just click.lights are on the horn will blow.

dash maintenance light is on, and car recently had the oil changed

I was told my Acura TL 05 with 44,000 needs brake, transmission, power steering, coolant and fuel induction flushing. Is this recommended by Acura?

When I first bought the car in March there was a slight whining noise that would go away after the car warmed up. Now the whining noise is constant. I have sprayed belt lube and the noise doesn't go away. The belt looks brand new. Could this be a pulley problem and if so is the a expensive fix?

I was driving 55 mph with the cruise control and it just started to slow down. I hit the accelerator and had no power. Pulled over, turned it off and it started fine. 10 minutes later, same deal on the road. Acura is baffled. Hasn't repeated and they don't know what to do.

At what mileage does clutch normally need to be replaced?

What is the mainenenence schedule at 100,000, 110,000 miles?

vehicle seems to run properly just a little loud in idling. Getting 21 to 22 mpg on the
highway. 19 to 20 in the city.

Power window will not go down