How to replace Belt for power steering drive

I dropped something of value in between the passenger side seat and the console with the rear A/C. It slid underneath the plastic sideboard. I was able to take the rear A/C part off and unscrew the one screw on the side but i am unable to reach it. How do I get more of the console off?

I was driving my 2001 acuera tl to work one morning,I live about 90 miles from my job, when I got to the city which is 78 miles into the trip, my transmission wouldn't shift out of third gear. What could be the problem when I already got the transmission re-builded and I only about 60,000 miles into it.

where is power filter located on car

where is the power steering filter located on my 1999 acura tl



Noise comes from front axle area when I turn steering wheel; what is it?

It makes a slight noise in the same axle area when I am driving straight, but gets loud when I turn left or right, moreso left.

Actually is an old 1987 Integra with only 135,000 miles, driving the gears slips goes back to neutral then I stop the car for 1 minute starts it then it drives but looses gear again after 10 seconds of driving. The fluid is full. Its an automatic. thanks.

dose some one kno what side is the fuel on and how you would replace the fuel filter on a acura cl 2.2......thax

how is front brake rotor removed

i replaced switch 1 yr ago. just drove in light rain, response slow at first, then stopped all together.

where is the fuel system relay located at?I have replaced the distributer 2 times and also the seems if it is hot inside the car the car will not start.usually you can start it in the morning and evening times.

My acura MDX was brought in for an oil change. They said I needed a new filter and fuel flush. It has 58,000 miles on it and needed a new filter, I don't know abut a $100 fuel flush. What do you think?

My car was making a squealing sound. From what I know about cars I suspected it was the air conditioning belt. My car is a 2003 Acura 3.2TL with 65,000 on it. I took it to the dealership and they said it needs all new belts to include having a timing belt-tensioner and new water pump. My question is "Does this all need to be done?" I agree with the belt, but not sure about the time-belt-tensioner and the new water pump. Would you please assist. Thank you.

The air actually blows but it does not get cool. Just blows warm air. Help

how much oil does this engine hold including the filter... thanks

My MDX started recently groan on the road. It is a low-frequency sound, like the ones from friction between two large pieces of metals. It appears only when the road is bumpy. If the road is very bumpy, it does not show or I can hear cluttering noise of high frequency.

Thanks for your help.

where is the relay for the p windows on a 93 acura legend

A methodical 4-pulse miss at cruising speed between 55-64 mph. New plugs, wires, distributor, throttle positioner sensor, new upstream O2 sensor have all been installed. Need to install downstream O2 sensor as per check engine code. Generally more prevalent when engine reaches running temp usually within 2-3 miles. Any ideas on the problem?

The brake lights stay ALL THE TIME, even when the ignition key is turned to off and the key is pulled out. Needless to say, the battery is constantly being drained, unless I disconnect the battery cable. Never seen this before. .....shorted brake switch?

The caR oveRheated this weekend on the way back fRom a tRip. I would like to know what the estimated pRice would be to change the motoR.

Would it be a wise decision to purchase this vehicle with 100,000 miles on it?

my car is shimmering when barely accelerating between 20-35mph. what could cause this problem?

how do you replace the ignition switch

what is the correct oil filter for 1996 acura 3.2 tl

The sun visor clip that is mounted to the interior roof has broke off and would like to replace... or affix some how with adhesive, glue??? it looks like a clean break.

Please help?

can u please tell what is code p0497 on my acura tl 2005 and is it driveable

what does the code po700 means? and i do i go by fixing this problem?

I am receiving an error message that my PC card door is open when I start my vehicle. Where is the PC card slot door located?