i recently started the car back up after 19 months got the SRS light on...

Next to the TCS light on the dashboard there is a light that appears to be the outline of the car's engine. It stays on when when car is started. What is it?

I'm being told that my struts needs to be replaced; however, when getting quotes I was told the whole strut needs replaced and another shop said just the cartridge, how do I know which is correct. The price difference is $400 bucks.

Front passenger door won't open from the inside or outside, but the door can be locked or unlocked. window operates. all other doors will open. what is happening?

My sister had engine replaced for damage due to fluctuating overheating til engine ruined. First day of driving, car overheats. Mechanic said engine pressures were fine; says problem is a hose on top of the engine. Can the issue now be the heater core? Where is the core located and does the whole dash have to come out? What are the steps? Tools? Precautions.

When I turn the knob the heater blower wont turn on.

I accidentally dropped a penny in my cigarette lighter and when i tried to get it out it sparked and then my radio and interior lights will not work. I hope it is just a fuse but i don't know where to locate the fuses to cheack

it happen after head light lens recall fixed by the dealer,
it come on once a day for short time, now it will come on after run for a mile. It will not turn off til overnight

Are the maintenance minder system codes shown for the 2007 models, the same for a 2004 Aurca TL? Thx

At 70 mph or stopped at a red light or anywhere in between my car dies. I haven't had the money to fix it so I put it into neutral and restart, shift back into drive. The check engine light is not on.

Initially, sporadic jerking. Month or so later, check engine light came on, then went away. Next time this warning came on, it was flashing, and the gears began to slip. The car drives but it cannot go up hills. I was told that I need a new transmission.

My passenger seat belt light stays on. Was told the problem is the switch that turns on the airbag. Isn't this part of the seat belt safety warranty?

If the restior fails will the compressor turn off

i broke my muffler and it's making a very loud sound how much would it cost to fix ASAP

My A/C was working fine while I was driving down the road, but when I stopped it blew out air but no cold air. I replaced the compressor,dryer had it charged and added new freon, but still doing the same thing. Why does it stop blowing cold air when the car is idoling? Also starts eratic idoling up and down. Thanks Marie

I have a 97 integra, (automatic, 4 cyl, 1.8L, dohc, non vtech, w/ cruise and a/c) I was wondering two things:

1) how much labor time should I plan to pay to have the transmission r&r done?

2) (probably a little late to ask since I already have a trans on the way, lol) my two mechanics completely disagree on what's wrong with my car so here's the symptom: when leaving from a stop(or near stop like turning a corner under 15-20 mph) it has a horrible shudder and no power, then suddenly "catches" or whatever and is fine. One of my mechanics did something to my ignition timing which made the shudder less violent but happen at a wider range of rpms & speeds, it now feels like a miss and happens all the time.

when driving above 10 mph, placed it on a lift and rev it to 40mph. The sound is still there so it isn't the tires. When driving at 70mph it evens out to a less growling sound.

the passenger stopped working the other day it wont go up, but the drivers side widow goes up fine . what could be the problem ? could it be a fuse or the power window motor???

When turning the corner the car made a loud cracking sound as if I ran over a bunch of soda cans. Then when you put the car in gear it wont move.

added refrigerant R134a 2 bottles few weeks back since A/C was cooling well, the low side pressure was around 25psi and after adding 24 oz of R134a the pressure was around 40psi. However after few days of good cooling, the a/c stopped working. The low pressure side is showing higher than normal pressure. Could this be a expansion valve issue ?

Steering wheel will move in and out. It will not move up and down. It appears to have stopped in down position. Can hear motor running when trying to move it up but it does not move. Nothing happens when swich is pushed down.

All 4 brakes became rusted from 7 months inactivity on a 95 Acura Legend following the winter. Need 4 new brake pads and rotors. Any input regarding the time and material cost of repair would be helpful. Thanks, Hunter.

Why do headlights flash off at night sometimes, and won't come back on with the switch.

need to get inspection sticker in Mass, replaced oxy sesor, do not know how to reset idiot light, have driven 100 miles since replacaed

Check Engine Code P-0700 Transmission Control Sensor malfunction plus p-1971?/74? No DTC function Problem
Mileage 114214 miles New Car Battery, then old alternator die.

Replaced with new alternator, drove off shop lot then check engine code light came on. Return to shop, check code (above), some small 1st gear transmission jerkness. Understand it might be a sensor. Also understand if transmission completely is damaged, then $3-4000 repair cost. I would rather replace computer chip sensor than pay for entire transmission job.

Am I thinking correctly. Will I have long term problems if I drive car with the engine cold light on? And with small 1st gear jerkness.
Where do I look and where can I purchase replacement part?

reply e-mail: martinwe357@cox.net please

the car wont stay on could it be the fuel pump the plug are new

My 2004 tl driver side power door won't lock / unlock using the remote key transmiter The battery in the remotes is new

how mutch cost front pads androtors

i had it written down somewhere but i lost it i think its starts with 5 im not sure but i really would love someone to help me ive been driving without a radio for 1 week now

can someone plz give me the radio code for the 1996 acura 3.5 rl ive tried everything nothing helps