A methodical 4-pulse miss at cruising speed between 55-64 mph. New plugs, wires, distributor, throttle positioner sensor, new upstream O2 sensor have all been installed. Need to install downstream O2 sensor as per check engine code. Generally more prevalent when engine reaches running temp usually within 2-3 miles. Any ideas on the problem?

The brake lights stay ALL THE TIME, even when the ignition key is turned to off and the key is pulled out. Needless to say, the battery is constantly being drained, unless I disconnect the battery cable. Never seen this before. .....shorted brake switch?

The caR oveRheated this weekend on the way back fRom a tRip. I would like to know what the estimated pRice would be to change the motoR.

Would it be a wise decision to purchase this vehicle with 100,000 miles on it?

my car is shimmering when barely accelerating between 20-35mph. what could cause this problem?

how do you replace the ignition switch

what is the correct oil filter for 1996 acura 3.2 tl

The sun visor clip that is mounted to the interior roof has broke off and would like to replace... or affix some how with adhesive, glue??? it looks like a clean break.

Please help?

can u please tell what is code p0497 on my acura tl 2005 and is it driveable

what does the code po700 means? and i do i go by fixing this problem?

I am receiving an error message that my PC card door is open when I start my vehicle. Where is the PC card slot door located?

Check engin light is on. I have the error code p1705 eny ditails on where this problem may be?

since chech engine light are on few day ago the car idle not stable ,it also die all time after i drive for awhile and keep dieing when slow down at stop or at light..

Should I be worried at 165K mileage? Are these cars known for this problem

RAn out of gas once one week after buying 96' acura 3.5 rl... burned fuel pump???? will crank but not start, dealership told us you can't ever run out of gas in a luxury vehicle..

My battery was dead and the vehicle would not start it turns out that the blue tooth in the vehicle was draining the battery, that was disconected and now my remotes will not work

replacement timing belt

I have a '93 Acura Legend 4dr that just ticked over 200,000 miles. Today the A/C blower quit in 90+ degree heat. It looks like the blower fuze is a 40 amp located under the hood. The 40 & 50 amp fuses are inside little individual plasic boxes with clear tops. I can't figure out how to get at it to check if it's blown. There's a heater control 7.5 amp fuse under the dash that is not blown. I saw a Q&A post on repairpal.com about R&R of the blower motor. Sounds straightforward enough, but impossible for me right now as I just had my left hip replaced 5 weeks ago. In fact, I need to drive 8 hours from Alabama to SC next week for my post-op doctor's check-up. Does the clear top pop off the fuse? Do I need to remove the screws on each side? What are the damages if the dealer needs to replace the motor?

does anyone know where i can get disc for gps system with mexico map on it ?

i recently started the car back up after 19 months got the SRS light on...

Next to the TCS light on the dashboard there is a light that appears to be the outline of the car's engine. It stays on when when car is started. What is it?

I'm being told that my struts needs to be replaced; however, when getting quotes I was told the whole strut needs replaced and another shop said just the cartridge, how do I know which is correct. The price difference is $400 bucks.

Front passenger door won't open from the inside or outside, but the door can be locked or unlocked. window operates. all other doors will open. what is happening?

My sister had engine replaced for damage due to fluctuating overheating til engine ruined. First day of driving, car overheats. Mechanic said engine pressures were fine; says problem is a hose on top of the engine. Can the issue now be the heater core? Where is the core located and does the whole dash have to come out? What are the steps? Tools? Precautions.

When I turn the knob the heater blower wont turn on.

I accidentally dropped a penny in my cigarette lighter and when i tried to get it out it sparked and then my radio and interior lights will not work. I hope it is just a fuse but i don't know where to locate the fuses to cheack

it happen after head light lens recall fixed by the dealer,
it come on once a day for short time, now it will come on after run for a mile. It will not turn off til overnight

Are the maintenance minder system codes shown for the 2007 models, the same for a 2004 Aurca TL? Thx

At 70 mph or stopped at a red light or anywhere in between my car dies. I haven't had the money to fix it so I put it into neutral and restart, shift back into drive. The check engine light is not on.

Initially, sporadic jerking. Month or so later, check engine light came on, then went away. Next time this warning came on, it was flashing, and the gears began to slip. The car drives but it cannot go up hills. I was told that I need a new transmission.