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wiper motor

What is the normal process to replace the cabin/air conditioner air filter?

I cant find that sucker anywhere, where should I be looking?

first thing this morning went out to car had to jump it ..drove all day no problems.on the way to pick up my kids tonight the lights started flashing on my dashboard parked the car.would not start back up..jumped it again ran then died on its own...let it sit..jumped again then a backfire sound was coming from the engine...left car in parking lot for triple a to tow*** note i have had this car for 6 years every year i have had to go to the dealership to get a new battery..other than that no problems

I recently had the alternator replaced in my 1999 Acura RL. I just realized when I hit the remote to lock the doors, the lights no longer blink. Also, the tail lights don't turn on. The headlamp indicator doesn't light on the dashboard. Could this be a fuse?

Malfunction emission light is on. What does that mean?

Have had a new (rebuilt) transmission and computer installed in 2003 TL - since then, mileage has dropped from 28-31 highway, 24-26 in town to about 19.
A mechanic friend suggested that the computer ROM needs to be rebooted and/or modified to match the effects of the new Torque Converter. 1) Does this make sense? 2) What should this cost?
I really like this car!

I'm confused about a transmission service. Three area Acura dealerships recomend that I get a transmission flush while a fourth dealership says Acura recomends that you drop the pan. Of course, just dropping the pan is the cheapest but what is best for the car. A little help please.

I need an estimate of timing belt replacement and water pump replacement done at the same time for a 2003 Acura MDX with 110000 miles on it. This is the scheduled maintenance for 105,000 miles. I have already changed the oil and rotated the tires.

the drivers window will not go up

I noticed about a week ago my car has been trouble starting. It make a noise like it chugs or struggles to turn over and this morning it wouldn't even turn over it just makes like a ticking noise now so I got it towed and when the guy came he said it sounds like a timing chain?? Could it be? It's a 2006 tsx with 110000 km.

was showing err on screen but would come back on a day or two later, but now it won't come back on just shows err on screen and then goes back to radio automatically

The radio and the Trip Navigator (time Mileagae & temp) are not working.It just started Saturday. Radio will not turn on. Nothing is working even the air flow of heater doesn't work.

engine wont start no gas flow

codes P1399 and PO301 I've replaced the EGR valve and the spark plugs but the car still miss firing

Acura vigor starter. What do I need to reset the radio code? If the battery is already dead, and I swap out the starter and then put in a new battery do I still have to reset the code?

is installing the starter any different then any other car?

My timing is off on my 1992 acura vigor 5 cyl need help on what the timing points are and how to do this so no damage is done

my car is not able to go over 30 miles per hour but all the geers go in good

after a turn up my car refuse totally to start accidentally i disconnect the battery he ask for radio code car refuse to crank

When i turn my car in the morning and i try to shift in reverse(automatic)it grinds and wont go in reverse but i let the car warm up and get the idle down and i try it again and most of the time it will shift into to reverse. The other day it started grinding while it was in parking in the morning...

just replaced the odometer censer still when it gets hot the transmission fills like its missing when i come to a complete stop it jerks

Two of the button lights are out for the rear window defroster button and the front windshield air control flow button. Not sure how to fix. (Fuse?) All the others are fine.

Any ideas?


If I am spending the money to change out the timing belt which requires pulling the engine, what else should be replaceded at the same time?

Driving car 1st thing in morning after starting. Within minutes, noise and vibration appeared. Drove approx. 1 minute to area to stop and checked tires. Saw nothing. Turned around and brought car back home. 3 days prior, had brakes checked @ dealer - nothing. Brakes fine, rotors good. 5 days prior, car serviced @ dealer due to leak. $1,800 repair (main seal, O-ring replaced, side engine mount replaced, transmission service). 42 point vehicle inspection.

I was just wondering how come half of the lights on my dash board shows and half doesn't? I hope I make sense...


Is it necessary to replace all 4 set of brake pads at the same time for a 1999 Acura Integra? I have replaced the rear brakes, but I was told by the parts dealer that it was necessary to replace them all at once.

How to replace Belt for power steering drive

I dropped something of value in between the passenger side seat and the console with the rear A/C. It slid underneath the plastic sideboard. I was able to take the rear A/C part off and unscrew the one screw on the side but i am unable to reach it. How do I get more of the console off?