I have an Acura 2000 3.5RL which I took to the shop to get fix because my check engine light was on. My catalytic converter was replaced. My check engine light came back on a month later, now my car is burning excessive gas and major power loss. I keep up the maintenance on my car and the mileage is 165,000. I am now told that my valve seals need to be changed. Please help, any input on how to fix the problem?

Over the past several weeks, when I turn the key to start my car it doesn't always start. When I try a second or third time it starts fine. This was happening intermittently and I wondered if I just turned the key to quickly or possibly didn't have the key inserted fully. Now it won't start at all, even after 100 trys! No noise or anything. I am hoping it is a fuse and not the starter. I replaced the battery about 3 months ago, so that is not the prob. plus lights are fine. Help! If it is a fuse, which is the one I change?

price range for labor to remove creaked old motor block then install new and is my only option is get a new motor sorry for spelling

my mdx 2006 blutooth stop working

price for a rebuilt transmission for a 2003 acura 3.2 tl
broke down

Viberation of car at certain speeds. Car almost 91000 miles.

where do I put the transmission fluid? In my Acura vigor 1993. It's low.

were is my starter at

when i start my car nd i get going down the road i get through first gear second gear and third and when it goes to go into forth it slips out like the cars in nuetral i have a 1991 acura integra rs and its an automatic Plz help tell me whats wrong with my car also when i give it gas the battery light comes on and all my lights dim and my car starts to dye out

heater is on and off when turned on.

Upon acceleration loud clunking noise front left wheel. Started when turning only,now all the time.

My dealer has notified me that the front and side engine mounts are broken. They make it sound more like a "nice to have done" but not a "need to have done". Which is it? Should I have them replaced to prevent other problems or really is this more of a "confortable ride" issue that doesn't affect engine performance? The costs to replace are significant so weighing the importance of doing it.


i had a trans put in my car 3 mths ago and maintence req light came on dash? i was told thier is a way to reset this light>..

Have a odd squeaking noise coming from front left suspension. Can hear it any time the car is rocked or turned. It is not the brakes. Any ideas?

Location of the fuse box on a 1997 acura rl for the radio.

Where is the On Board Diagnostic Port for the Accura RL?

When I bought ride, it came with a full length oil filter. When I go to replace it, Auto Zone and O'Reillys Auto parts store show only the short filter. Anyone know what the full length filter number is and manufacturer? Also, what is the difference between a regular filter and a High Mileage filter? Any sage knowledge will be appreciated.

Just changed the thermostat and hose with flushing bubbles out. I get no heat, A/c works fine. So I'm trying to make sure I'm turning it on right. Just got the car.

where is the cold start valve or injector on a 1993 acura vigor

I just bought a 91 integra and the right side headlight is dim, the heater shuts off when I turn the headlights on, and when ever I turn the headlights off they get real dim but don't turn completely off until I shut off the engine. The previous owner said it had been stolen. What could be going on?

there is a green key that flashes on the dashboard, what does that mean?

Car stuck in park looked online and found many owners stated it was their brake light switch. Replaced brake light switch and car comes out of park with no problems but I think I tighten too much because brakes in front started smoking. What is the problem

ABS light comes on sometimes and stays on after starting

How much is the avearge cost for a transmission fluid change?

I went to make a copy of my car key for my 1999 Acura 3.0CL 6 Cylinder at Pepboys. They told me that the key has a chip inside it so they cant make a duplicate and that I have to go to the dealership for that. They were busy and rude so I think they just didn't want to make me a copy of my key. However for future reference is it true that the ignition key for my car does have a chip inside it? I didn't think they started doing that until a few years ago and even then I though they were mainly on expensive cars? Please let me know if there is a chip or if they were lying and I can just go someplace else to have them make me a copy of the key. Thank you for your help.

havve to put power steering fluid in my car every other day is it the hose or or rack and pinion

My rear driver side window looks like it came off a track. The motor still works but the window will not come up. Can I fix this myself?

radio just cut off yesterday engine light has been on for 2 months Diagnostic code P0401

Need to know where it is located and how difficult to replace

I have the manual 6 speed version. I was driving down the highway with the car set on cruise control at about 70 mph in 6 gear and and my rpm gauge started to rise and fall. As I started slow downo and came to a complete stop. My car would not engage first gear. I'm not sure but they said it might be an electrical problem.