I want to andd Lucas ATF Conditioner to this car. It says do not use in vehicles equipped with CVT transmissions

My central display above the Nav display seems to have a short. It frequently dims and occasionally goes off all together. Driving over a bump will bring it back. Any idea how difficult this will be to track down & repair? Thanks.

My front passenger window rolls about half way up & then backs off. I can get it to go up if I manually pull the window forward with just a little pressure while pulling the switch. Any idea on what's causing it? Thanks.

My 1996 acura 3.5 rl has just been diagnosed terminal: i replaced timing belts and water bottle at 135K miles (I bought car at 95K and the water bottle and belts had already been replaced), and now I'm told my egr valves needs cleaning, two rear upper control arms needs replacing, my air conditioner compressor and belts need replacing, my front axles need replacing (thanks to potholes), and my rear main seal needs replacing. If I do all of this at the dealer, it'll amount to close to $5000. I liked this car very much - but I'm appalled that so much has happened between 135-140K miles. Should I try to fix these items, I'm wondering, or should I just opt to get another used vehicle? I did some research to try to find the best ones, and it seems they all have problems above 100K miles. My sisters had American cars that they never had to put one penny in except for oil chgs., etc. Any suggestions?

clutch replaced...they messed up transmission seal fluid pouring out...seal replaced ...new ball joints installed...on racks 12 days...won't shift to reverse. no problem prior to this. Is there a reset button...it's a 6 speed sport TL

After hitting the curb acura steering wheel doesn't steer. the passenger tire is flat and don't know how much will be the cost of replacing ? should i call the insurance company? car is not in drivable condition . aaa put a donut so its at home right now.

My car is a automatic and when it gets cold the key gets stuck in the ingition and the gear gets stuck in park, this only happens in the winter, in the summer I do not have this problem

Occasionally experience weird wheel vibration/shudder when driving. Typically happens at near constant speed between ~ 20 - 40 mph on a level paved road. When I back off the accelerator slightly the problem goes away. Will generally happen about 2 - 3 times within a ten mile drive. Vibration seems to be coming from front passenger tire, but hard to tell. All tires in very good condition. Car mileage ~ 130K miles.

would rotors be replaced without the pads???

first star with the control switch only was working on low and then stop working it all i already check the fuses and put a used switch but still not working don't know if the used switch i put is bad or if there is any wiper relay and were is located thanks.

why does my gear selector unable to go into 1 2 3 gear manually only goes from park to reverse neutral drive5 or drive 4 and vtm4 light stays on after engine start

My VSA and ABS lights stay on after axle and brake change. I changed the abs sensors and bleed the brake lines, but no response. The computer does not reset them.

From a complete stop; If I have to speed up quickly, the engine "stutters". There's no "check engine" light, so no codes. If I "take it slower" there's no problem, but there are times when it's necessary to get up to speed quickly (i.e. rush hour, left turns)
Has anyone had a similar problem?

My Acura 2002 TL left head ligth is dead need to replece the bulb or ligth element whatever the name is and can't find any intructions, can anybody directme to the right pad to information? or give some tips to doit.

Thank you in advance.

Yesterday, I came out of a restaurant after having lunch, started my car and heard a reciprocating noise from the front end that got worse if the wheel was turned in either direction, like a bearing going bad. I don't know if it was making the noise prior to stopping for lunch. I immediately drove to my repair shop, the steering degenerating until it was very hard to turn the wheel as I pulled into their lot. They called today to say that my rack & pinion assembly needs replacing. I trust this shop but I'm wondering if the repair could be simpler than this.

When I start to drive the gears slip and there is a 3 to 4 second delay before the trans shift. Especially going into 2nd and 3rd gear. After driving for about 20 minutes, the problem seems to go away and the trans ends up shifting properly like if there wasn't a problem. It seems like the problem only occurs when the car is cold, what could this most likely be?

2005 RL V6 Automatic. At 45 mph and around 1500 RPM I feel a light vibration/chudder. It's like the torque convereter is trying to lock up but can't. It goes away when I down shift or step on the gas and make the car downshift automaticly. Help any idea ???

I recently purchased a used 2005 Acura MDX that I love, except for one perplexing problem: The rear liftgate will not lock. I've tried using both the remote and the driver's side lock buttons with no luck--all passenger doors lock/unlock properly, but the trunk just won't. When you press the remote's lock button, you can hear the liftgate door "clicking" in response, as though it *were* locking, but it doesn't actually lock. I suspected a bad actuator and brought it in to the dealer, and the technician insisted that the problem couldn't be the actuator because he could hear it working. Does that sound right? He wanted to charge me several hundred dollars to take off the door panels and poke around. Is there another thing that could be causing this problem? I need to get this fixed ASAP--I can't have a door that won't lock in my neighborhood.

Recently asked question about vehicle needing jump. After driven in rain or thru puddle battery light comes on and starter won't turnover unless jumped. Could this be the battery cables ? Battery has tested good. Has anyone else had this problem ?

30k on 60k tires cut one shop said i need to change all 4 is that true.

Mom has a '03 Acura MDX. When driven thru a puddle, the battery light comes on and car will cut off. Also at times won't even turn over but have full power. When jumped, starts right up. Battery tests good.Happened this morning when raining.Sounds like a short or bad connection to me. Can you help ?

Read the info on diagnosing bad rear wheel bearings. How do I distinguish between that and the possibility of a bad tire (right rear tire is pretty worn, left rear is in better shape)? The rumbling sound generally gets louder as the MPH increases. I hear the sound when going straight or turning left, but it goes away when turning right.

i broke the on/off button for my audio system. It attaches to the main computer board. can it be repaired or do i need to replace whole unit

I had a problem this weekend during a road trip while running the air on the automatic setting - after about 2 or 3 hours, the fan stopped blowing any air. When I held my hand close to the vent I could feel that the air was cold but it would not blow out. Tried switching from the automatic setting and turning the fan all the way up, but it still wouldn't blow any cold air out. This only happens on long drives and, after the car is parked for a while, the air runs as though there was never a problem. What could be causing this and how much to repair the problem?

wiper motor

What is the normal process to replace the cabin/air conditioner air filter?

I cant find that sucker anywhere, where should I be looking?

first thing this morning went out to car had to jump it ..drove all day no problems.on the way to pick up my kids tonight the lights started flashing on my dashboard parked the car.would not start back up..jumped it again ran then died on its own...let it sit..jumped again then a backfire sound was coming from the engine...left car in parking lot for triple a to tow*** note i have had this car for 6 years every year i have had to go to the dealership to get a new battery..other than that no problems

I recently had the alternator replaced in my 1999 Acura RL. I just realized when I hit the remote to lock the doors, the lights no longer blink. Also, the tail lights don't turn on. The headlamp indicator doesn't light on the dashboard. Could this be a fuse?

Malfunction emission light is on. What does that mean?