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my SRS light wont go off.What does SRS stand for?
I locked my keys inside my car and I have to spare set. How can I get inside without breaking the window or damaging the door?
My wife dropped something next to the seat and I can't reach it. How do I remove the front seatS?
can you use 87 octane in 2008 TSX? would it effect the overall performance, ie gas milege<?
I'm getting a rattling noise when accelerating. It's not constant but intermittent. Seems to happen at around 2,200 rpm's. Could it be the catalytic converter?
when i parked it it was fine but now won't turn over. turn the key to start it and it does nothing but a small cicking under the dash. can it be the starter or some fuse?
I have contacted local shop in Houston area to find out how to reset readyness codes on 96 Acura TL and he sent me a sheet that explained that after reseting computer it would be nessesary to drive the car per these i...
where do I find the read plug for engine trouble light (code reader)
My radio just quit working and the anti-theft light is on.
The car was recently purchased with 50k. It seems to have a side to side bounce when driving and/or stopping on uneven pavement. Tires are not new, 60% to 70% tread. Was told it has never been in an accident and carfa...
my acura will not pass the readyness test so i can get it smoged help
when I make a right turn I hear click click... Is this CV joints?
I can't find my owners manual & I was wondering if anyone can tell me the instructions on how to reset my check engine light on my 2001 mdx
what is cost of transmission fluid change
Upon start up and their is no ABS when I apply a hard brake stop application. I have already checked fuses and relays for ABS module. Does anyone have any other suggestions. Thanks In Advance Raj2010
my 2007 acura tl doesn't downshift smoothly when using automatic transmission, it seems to be a little jerky, is this normal.
I have a 2003 Acura CL Type-S with 90K miles. I took it in to the dealer for maintenance and they said I need to replace the Front Motor Mount at a cost of ~$500 for parts and labor. Is this reasonable or should I try...
My car is having problems accelerating what could be the issue?
When I drive for a few minutes and come to a stop at a red light and then accelearate, I hear a loud thud, the vehicle becomes immobile for a few seconds and then starts driving ok. I took it to my local Acura dealer ...
Hello, my wife drives an 04 MDX. Check engine light and VTM-4 light are on. Have had tune up complete service plus tranny. Dealer says valve adjust scan comes up all cylinders misfiring even after NGK uridiums install...
i replaced the battery and it will only start sometime, It turns over fine, but will not start. sometimes it starts normally. what should I check?
My 1999 2.3 CL started making a knocking sound fro the front passenger side it only does when coming to a stop or small bumps it also began pulling to the left. It has been showing irregular tire wear.Does anyone have...
it is misfiring all 6 cylinders, and the codes do not want to pop up + it needs an 02censor
the PCS & engine light just came on last week in my 2003 Acura TL 3.2LT..what does the PCS light mean/stand for? i cant find my owners manuel, thx!
The car has 110,000 miles. At times the car does not start, and when it does start the car will run very rough. Than at times the car will start and run very smooth. What can be the issue?
2001 ACURA tl, has 110,000, the car blows hot air, what can be the problem
2001 acura tl with 110,000. I have 2 problems, 1- the air conditioner only blows warm air. I tries using the auto air and manual air, both function the air is warm. What can be the issue. The other issue, at times the...
At first, in the winter, my car when turning a corner, would not accelerate until I put it into park, then put it back into drive. It only does this once, then it is o.k. NOw that it is spring, my car dogs. When ...