Often when driving

Every week

Hi. Last summer, my check engine indicator lit up and I took it to the dealership. They found Code P0740. They noted on my receipt that they found the transmission to be failing and recommended it to be replaced. I didn't notice anything wrong in the way my car was running. No noises, goes into reverse when I put it on reverse, wasn't slipping, it was running great, actually. But I know nothing about cars and when I was told that my transmission needed replacing, I had it replaced. Looking at my receipt, it appears that they also changed the ECU. The diagnosis costed me $70.04, and the transmission and ECU, $5,421.90. (Please don't scream). I was just talking to my friend about it and he told me that the only possible affected components with that code are 1) hydraulic control system; 2) torque converter, and 3) transaxle. He also said that failure of any of these three components would render the car undriveable. But my car was running just fine. He also said that the transmission is irrelevant, and the ECU is irrelevant. Can a mechanic please confirm all that? Thanks guys!

how do I take down the gas tank to change the fuel pump?

the green key light popped on when i was traving.Then my car shut down.but it started back up.what is that light for.

The problem just started recently. The release lever feels normal, however the door doesn't open. Are there any known problems with the release mechanism/spring assembly at the fuel door itself? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Trunk is closed but light on dash shows its open. locks and trunk button works if key is in ignition and on or with the remote immediately after turning of and removing key. But when I return later remote does not work. The electric locks inside do not work either.

Engine light came on shortly after refueling. Thought maybe the fuel. But noticed it starts much harder now.

have a creeking noise the first few turns in the morning

Driving one day about 70mph,the car slowed down to about 65.Then it speedup again to 70,then I heard this clonking noise from underneath car, pulled over and called a tow truck. Car will go into drive & reverse,but when driven around 35mph it makes that clonking noise underneath.

fuel oil even smells like gas every time i gave it a jump something just killed the battery right away it crank after i gave it a jump and its not battery problem.

right side head light is out ,shall i check fuse first&where can i find fuse

just happened. i used a key to get in gear. how do i fix it and what is wrong

how long will it take to replace all motor mounts?

oil is leaking now

left front wheel area squeaky

I went to the acura dealership and was given a diagnostic. It said that I had an oil leak and that the oil pump needed to be replaced. I wasn't able to see any appreciable difference in the oil levels after an oil change, though. When I went to an independent shop, they lifted the car on stilts and showed me that there was oil all around the bottom of the pan and drain plug. Does this sound like the oil pump needs to be replaced? It's a pretty expensive repair.

when i hav 4wd auto it says auto but check light and in 2wd it says check still an 4wd dont worl at all what can it be????

When I bought this car the radio would not turn on. I have checked all fuses and they all are intact so I was wondering how I could go about trying to figure out what is going on. THank you for your help ahead of time.

and how do I know when I need valve adjustment?

129,000 miles, codes say "misfire on all 6 cyl. What could be the problem?

how much should it cost to replace the rear mainoil seal on acura-- 2001 3.2tl

Would start with boosting; replaced battery and get clicking sound only. The car is getting power to lights, sensors, etc, but will not crank?

other vents work, won't come out of windshield vents

My 2002 TL's SRS light is on after the head light repair by the dealer. When I brought the car to dealer, the technichian told me the SRS sensor is mulfunctioning. He told me they would fix it for free because the SRS system is on recall. But after they got the ordered part, another person told me the sensor and the mechanical parts in the seat are bad. And told me that since the recall is expired I have to pay for the repair about 1200 dollars. I don't want to spent that much money witout knowing they are right. I am not sure if they are honest because they told us mislealing information previously when they repaired the head light. Any suggestion? Is there anything I can check my self. I am not a mechanic but have reasonable knowledge in electricity and used to repair my cars years ago.
Thanks. Peter

I have an MDX with 185K miles I took it to the dealer for the 180K mile service which consisted of flushing various fluids. I told them that I had noticed that the car's mpg had dropped from 20.5 to 18.5 and that I was noticing the tach jumping from 1500 to 2000 when I was driving between 35 and 45 mph. They said the torque converter is going bad and that I would need to replace both the torque converter($2500) and the transmission($5000). I ask about replacing only the TC and they said that if I replaced only the TC then I would be back in in 6 months to replace the tranny and I would need and another TC. They also said that I should not flush the transmission fluid. Why? If metal is in the fluid wouldn't flushing it be a good idea?
To their credit they said since it had 185K miles, I should just drive it until it dies.

is it a fair price 800 dollars for 2 clutch repair? recently i have my car clutch replaced for 800 and need to do 2more on the rear. My car is Acura Integra 4doors 1994/ email is

Water pump seal has stopped seeping. Wait for leaks to start before repairing?

At what point should timing belt service be done and what should be average cost?

this first happened after a 200 mile trip , and is noticeable now on short trips