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Is there more to removing removing the front tire on the 4-wheel drive slx than removing the lug nuts. It is 20 degrees outside.

Where is the EGR valve located on my 1998 Acura CL 3.0 V6?

Routine 105 k service, what should be absolutely done and what can be delayed?


Please tell me how to fix my windshield wipers. They just stopped working today. I can hear the motor in trying to go.

Oil leaking from valve cover gasket. Smell burning oil. Plz give your cost to replace the valve cover gaskets. Thanks.

i have a vibration on my 96 acura rl when running approx 55 to 60 mph i have checked all tie rod ends, wheel bearings, and bushings. Could it be the cv joints?

my car idle goes up n down,when is in neutral. in my temp gauge works sometimes?

what causes humming noise coming from the rear of the car.

my car lose's coolant almost every 3 days. no leaks, no milky oil,no white smoke from the exhaust. When I'm driving it will feel like its gonna turn of but it doesnt and then the check engine light comes on and the radiator is empty. what is it, help please!!!!

I have a 2004 Acura RSX with only 40,046 miles on it. Recently I have noticed a high pitch sound while driving. I thought it might be the automatic transmission but it changes gears smoothly. My mechanic couldn't tell where the sound was coming from and thought it could be in the engine. He suggested I wait for the sound to get louder. Has anyone else with this model RSX had this problem or do you have any thoughts about what it could be? Thanks

above light came on yesterday... manual says it is emission controls related...what am I looking at in part and labor costs??

my 1995 has a intermittent problem. The first time it acted up was a couple weeks ago. I started it up and it shut off. This happened 4 or 5 times then it started up and ran fine for a couple days. Then i was on highway and it shut off again. I pulled on the side of the road and restarted it. It ran for about 30 secs. then quit again. After about a 1/2 hr, it started and ran fine. Then it was ok for a couple days and did it again. I was stopping at a stop sign and it jerked alittle bit as i slowed down and then shut off when i stopped. It started right back up and ran fine. When it shuts off i still have the radio playing and headlights are on. Please help. Thank you.

i already get new motors and the regulator and still dosent work

p0300-P0306 map reading at 1.14 what does this mean

i see a warning light on the dash it say maint req.d what is it the car is doing fine i dont see any performans failer

My car has been leaking antifreeze/water. Many people suggest its my water pump, thermostat, etc. I don't know what to replace first??

It overheats and the tubing that follows to the engine has no pressure sometimes my water container will start to shake/boil i dont know if its the pressure or lack of water flow to my radiator??

How do I change out the power steering pump? I do not know how to remove the belt. How do I take it off?

On my 2009 TSX the steering has a continuous goes side to side. On my 2010 TSX the steering is fine is there an fix for this problem!!

Bluetooth does not connect on outgoing calls you must say transfer to get to the Bluetooth. Incoming calls are fine.

What is a reasonable price for an 02 sensor along with labor?

If the car sits 4 to 8 hrs ..everytime

I just bought a 1992 Integra RS with B18C Motor swap. I am having a hard time shifting into 4th, and reverse is sometimes tricky. I'll go to shift into 4th and most of the time it just won't let me. Sometimes it will go though, but I am constantly having to angle it just right. Reverse only gets sketchy every now and then. All other gears are fine. It usually grinds when I try to shift in to 4th and reverse. Grinds a little on 3rd too, but still shifts into it. My friend said its probably just my linkage. What do you think?

Often when driving

Every week

Hi. Last summer, my check engine indicator lit up and I took it to the dealership. They found Code P0740. They noted on my receipt that they found the transmission to be failing and recommended it to be replaced. I didn't notice anything wrong in the way my car was running. No noises, goes into reverse when I put it on reverse, wasn't slipping, it was running great, actually. But I know nothing about cars and when I was told that my transmission needed replacing, I had it replaced. Looking at my receipt, it appears that they also changed the ECU. The diagnosis costed me $70.04, and the transmission and ECU, $5,421.90. (Please don't scream). I was just talking to my friend about it and he told me that the only possible affected components with that code are 1) hydraulic control system; 2) torque converter, and 3) transaxle. He also said that failure of any of these three components would render the car undriveable. But my car was running just fine. He also said that the transmission is irrelevant, and the ECU is irrelevant. Can a mechanic please confirm all that? Thanks guys!

how do I take down the gas tank to change the fuel pump?

the green key light popped on when i was traving.Then my car shut down.but it started back up.what is that light for.

The problem just started recently. The release lever feels normal, however the door doesn't open. Are there any known problems with the release mechanism/spring assembly at the fuel door itself? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Trunk is closed but light on dash shows its open. locks and trunk button works if key is in ignition and on or with the remote immediately after turning of and removing key. But when I return later remote does not work. The electric locks inside do not work either.