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I am a healthy, intelligent man with over 60 years of owning and driving manual
shift cars exclusively (except for loaners). After buying my 2005 Acura RSX new at Curry Acura in Scarsdale, NY, my clutch started slipping, and "needed replace-
ment" at about 15,000 miles; then at about 30,000 miles, then at 44,000 miles, and now, unbelievably, at 47,000 miles. I have never had any slipping clutch in any previous car. I don't ride the clutch, and I don't make jackrabbit starts. I press the pedal all the way, to shift gears and to coast when appropriate.

Inner handle was sticking. Cold weather. Need info to get door opened.

heater from blowing hot air? WINGMAN LUBE M.F. TX> left my hood open during an oil change it blew OPEN DOING 70mph, lots of expense cant afford repair bill right now. Please help Im FREEEEEEZING

It has been on for about a month. when ever a light comes on well check the code and then have to try four or five sensors before we stumble on the correct "bad" sensor.

timing belt problems

How long mech will do it

Just had my airbag module replaced and this light was off is it related?

in the number 4 drive position, feels like its slipping. what could the problem be.

Car has been stalling off and on for about a week but have been able to restart with no issues. No codes have appeared until today when I got the P0685 code regarding Emmissions. Any idea what the underlying issue might be?

The ABS reservoir is slowly overflowing, while the master cylinder is slowly leaking the same amount into the ABS reservoir.

Does my compressor need replacing?

. My gear shift is locked but I can use key to move to neutral n start the car? Car won't start otherwise.

A worker plugged a 12 volt vacuum into the cigarette lighter and it stopped working hopefully just a fuse Can you tell me where the fuse box is ? Size of fuse ie 10amp etc to replace if not the fuse what's my next step than you in advance

a new battery only holds a charge in my car for 2 days everything is off

It has fluid sometimes I have to pull over and put it in park then back in drive for it to move sometimes Im giving gas while moving and it doesn't want to change gear

2003 Acura TL

I saw the question about a 2005 and it said the key would not work. Does it apply to the 2002?