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It overheated a while back but was done them started sounding horrible when starting. It had no power when starting and you hear a rattle coming from thxe exhaust. I'm stuck out in the middle of no where and need to get diapers.

I've checked the fuses under the hood and at the Driver kick panel and they are all good. It's hard to identify which fuse(s) is for that seat. Neither the back up/down or the seat forward/back work. How are the fuse(s) labeled, where are they located and what else could be the problem.

Im asking this because I need to go get my car smog

When I have it gas then died

I have had an issue where the headlights will not turn on...they work because they will be on and if I turn the car off and then go into a store and come back out they will not work, the turn signals don't work either, and as far as the door locks not working that is new

When my lights are on my tail lights do not work, but when I push the brakes the brake lights will work...I have looked at the fuses and they are fine...I actually juts noticed the problem don't know how long it has been goin on...

A few months ago, my navi had an error message to contact dealer. I researched, found a you tube video describing a solution (clean lens). Did what it suggested and didn't work. I found that you can send navi to alpine for $365 for repair. The car is not even 6 yrs. old for me to have to spend that kind on $ to have it repaired. Warrany not valid anymore Dealer charges $400+ to repair. Anyone have a better suggestion?

1000 miles ago. I don't think they can be worn again. The computer code says it is a shift solenoid. I changed a filter Honda said did not need to be after problem had happened again. (Should have in the first place). ? Is will changing to the recommended Honda atf clean up the problem? Or do I just drop in a Honda Odyssey trans?

I am a healthy, intelligent man with over 60 years of owning and driving manual
shift cars exclusively (except for loaners). After buying my 2005 Acura RSX new at Curry Acura in Scarsdale, NY, my clutch started slipping, and "needed replace-
ment" at about 15,000 miles; then at about 30,000 miles, then at 44,000 miles, and now, unbelievably, at 47,000 miles. I have never had any slipping clutch in any previous car. I don't ride the clutch, and I don't make jackrabbit starts. I press the pedal all the way, to shift gears and to coast when appropriate.

Inner handle was sticking. Cold weather. Need info to get door opened.

heater from blowing hot air? WINGMAN LUBE M.F. TX> left my hood open during an oil change it blew OPEN DOING 70mph, lots of expense cant afford repair bill right now. Please help Im FREEEEEEZING

It has been on for about a month. when ever a light comes on well check the code and then have to try four or five sensors before we stumble on the correct "bad" sensor.

timing belt problems

How long mech will do it

Just had my airbag module replaced and this light was off is it related?

in the number 4 drive position, feels like its slipping. what could the problem be.

Car has been stalling off and on for about a week but have been able to restart with no issues. No codes have appeared until today when I got the P0685 code regarding Emmissions. Any idea what the underlying issue might be?