If its hot out, a lot of times it wont start. The car will crank but not fire. It runs well at night. If it does start occasionally it will stall out between 1st, and 2nd gears. I was wondering if it may be a starter solenoid, or maybe the fuel pump relay. Any advise would be helpful. I would like to know if this a cheap fix, or not. Thanks

I put in park then go to drive then back to park and it gets stuck and wont start any advice

The front lower middle engine mount is also broken

My car is stuck in park,my Windows won't let down, and the entire dashboard stopped working. .what could be the problem?

I bought a 07 TL. When I put the gear in D it hesitates before it engages(about 2 to 3 seconds) and between 2nd and 3rd gear it delays also.I have warranty on the car.
any help would be appreciated

Trying to figure out why i wont stay running. Please help me

engine has intermittent pinging

I just had my car in for service at the dealer. All codes were checked. Nothing showed up. I thought it might have something to do with the passenger airbag, but I am not sure. It seems to happen when there is a passenger in the car. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

My car has 125K on it and brought it to the dealer for a oil change and a full checkup, only issue is the car has a loud idle when sitting or in drive. This was never mentioned to me after the car was checked out but I was told my serpentine belt was worn and my engine valves needed cleaning and adjustment total cost $800. I got this done and when I picked the car up the idle sound was even worse! They kept the car and now tell me it is the Transmission! Replacement cost $4000! Everything I read say serpentine or valves both of which they did, I don't want to be ripped off :-(

It freezes alot also. How do I fix this?

Spoke to my guy at Acura he use HDS to bled brakes . He said modulator is bad because he can not get.air out of the system.m Ireally can not figure this out if this is a closed system if you open it should bled out right ? Or I have missed something

The entire dash has gone black. The directional lights still work, and the "lights on" indicator light still works, but the gauges are not responsive. I have very little knowledge of car mechanics, but I've read through some of the owner's manual and checked all of the interior fuses and they're all in good working order. PLEASE HELP! Can't drive this car without a speedometer!!


I was driving with the ac on and it just stopped blowing cold air. checked under the hood and notice that 1 of the fans was working.

I need the wire s put back in

I'm referring to fixing the common problems by strengthening the parts that most commonly go out.what are those parts?I do transmission work and would like to strengthen mine before I have to do a complete rebuild.

The car has 107k miles on it, almost everything replace. From air filter to t-belt and water pump.

My car turns over but wont start. could it be the fuel pump?

Already replaced master cylinder brakes fine for about a month took car to dealer they bled the brake line using a computer again brakes fine for a month replace modulator 1000 miles on car 81000

Our Acura TSX has over 100,000 miles on it. Three days ago it would not start that morning. We had it towed via AAA to a local repair shop. He thinks it may be the Drive belt. He wants to order the "kit". It would cost $500. He quoted a total of $800 including labor. However, after researching a couple of online part websites the chain itself is only $95. The total for a chain, cover gasket, chain tensioner, Guide rail and Tensioner Adjuster only came to $248. What is in a kit and is he trying to overcharge for the parts?

I changed the fuse but that didn't work. What else should I try?

It has happened Twice in 2 months!Usually after about an hour of being parked when I go to take it out of park it is stuck. So, when I check that fuse it is blown.

Two weeks ago radiator leaked, only found out while driving as car started to smoke. I stopped immediately and had the car towed to mechanic. Mechanic advised head gaskit is ok but the radiator needs to be replaced because it was leaking from the bottom. Also the transmission fluid was low. Mechanic replaced the radiator and thermostat. Also flushed and refilled trans fluid because he thought there might be cross contamination (don't know why). After 2 weeks it appears now that the car is having problem in accelerating. Any ideas?

Ac now blows hot air

I would like to know if these are problems I can fix myself, and how would I go about it?

It used to be getting 25-26 miles per gallon. And I used premium gas (91 octane). What's wrong?


need to be replaced how hard is it