The ABS reservoir is slowly overflowing, while the master cylinder is slowly leaking the same amount into the ABS reservoir.

Does my compressor need replacing?

. My gear shift is locked but I can use key to move to neutral n start the car? Car won't start otherwise.

A worker plugged a 12 volt vacuum into the cigarette lighter and it stopped working hopefully just a fuse Can you tell me where the fuse box is ? Size of fuse ie 10amp etc to replace if not the fuse what's my next step than you in advance

a new battery only holds a charge in my car for 2 days everything is off

It has fluid sometimes I have to pull over and put it in park then back in drive for it to move sometimes Im giving gas while moving and it doesn't want to change gear

2003 Acura TL

I saw the question about a 2005 and it said the key would not work. Does it apply to the 2002?

i recently bought a 93 acura integra. the owners recently purchased a new distributor as they were experiencing timing issues. but instead of fixing the problem the car now wont start. when u turn the key the motor just keeps acting like it will start and it will idle for about a second and then it just keeps winding. need a recommendation on if i need to reinstall the distributor or if it could be another issue

sometime it would start, and sometimes it won't start

Was told at dealership during last service the tensioner is going out.

I paid aamco for the electric test and they said they wanna rebuild my transmission. I say cuz they want the money. But I don't know. I'm told it's a selection gear that's out But don't know how to get to it.

selling the car...how much to reduce the price for the repair?

Crank sensor

Dealer says it is too expensive to replace and it isn't worth the cost to repair it.

after doing the flush at the dealer week later the transmission stops driving after 60km/h and revs up like crazy. mechanic is trying to say the transmission is gone and if it was gone to me it wouldn't drive at all. so once I try and past 60km/h it just revs up like crazy and goes no wheres past that speed. Im wondering if its just a sensor or a bad ground could anyone help me please.. ive also owned acura and now Im realising their all nothing but headaches recently. unfortunately. it gave me a code quick when it did this to me. the mechanic tried driving it the next day and nothing came up for a code but it did it to him as well. im wondering what could be the problem and if hes full of shit. thanks.

I had the oil pump and power steering pump changed and now dealer is suggesting the front struts are bad even though car rides pretty good, no noise or anything else. Please advise...

When it doesn't start it still turns over. When I get it running and take it to a mechanic they can't duplicate the problem. I feel like it could be the fuel pump but I don't think it's clogged up. The lack of popularity of this car makes it hard to figure out