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I have 244,000 miles on my Acura. Recently, I had a squeaking belt, I noticed a whining sound, and when I push in the clutch, sometimes the lights would dim and the car would almost stall. There is a lot of corrosion ...
Compression good- oil pump working no codes on the diagnostic
When accelating a jet engine whine comes from engine
my car has been jerking, i had the diagnostic test done and all it said was the knock censor was bad, but i know that would cause it to jerk. i took it to a mechanic who said it was my motor mount ( which i don't trus...
1988 acura legend Coupe, The tachometer stopped working, motor has hesitation, and stalls when I put the car in reverse a couple times and started back up after 15 minutes, check engine light comes on after 10 minute...
no previous problems with the car
when i put my car in park the shift light doesn't come on and it gets stuck in park and the key wont come out. Ill move it around and play with it then the light comes on and it works again, whats the problem? how do ...
pulley on a/c compressor is frozen
I unplugged mine and plugged back in and worked for a few minutes and just says booting up. I think it went bad. Its very easy to install and part number is NH528L. thanks for the help.
The car has 139k miles on it and been dealer serviced.
ve keept up with all oil changes and appropriate maintenance. I want to keep it awhile. What preventative maintenance should I be doing at this milestone.
My car is in for oil change at 41,000 miles. Dealer says valve adjustment is routine maintenance
There are two cables attached to the brakes and I don't know if they are brake lines or emergency cables. In any event they are attached to and run under a metal bar and are exposed and could catch on something and b...
Motor revs up in neutral wont rev up in gear
I need to replace rear passenger side bumper reflector.
mechanic says its aluminum case FLAW. its leaking as it porus. they want 5,000 to replace it, i dont think i should foot this bill as its a manufactureing FLAW. Can other Acura owners tell me if they have had this pr...
does the tensioner have to be adjusted
have been told that since car is over 7 yrs old, belt shoud be replaced
i just got a new radiater, thermosat, sensor and fan motor. if the top hose is swelling up is that because it has air or what else could it be?
My Acura SUV is using a lot of gas and is having trouble taking off
Took glove compartment off but can't find it.
car will turn over and has fuel pressure to the rail and spark at the plugs but won't start up. what to check next?
when removing radiator cap it's bubbling over hot! Could it be my thermastat not opening?
I have a little noise in the morning when I turn the steering wheel sounds like a Steering pump issue.What else would cause this? What is the repair estimate?
My fuel pump have no power and I also have no sparks coming from my coils is there's something that will cut off all power forward fuel and coils could it be the madual or the crankshaft sensor
Replace fuel pump but have no power on the wire can it be my fuel relay that its not sending power to the wire for the fuel pump and if it is where's the relay located
Had not a spot on my garage floor prior to service. Now have decent size leak. Could changing the engine mounts (or removing one to get to the belts easier) put a stress on the rear main seal (if engine was jacked up ...