going to buy new car?
Help please?

Shuts down 4 seconds after it starts, .

Hard to find OEM. Mechanics have replaced twice in 2 years. Acura only has remans.

My car sticking in gear .now just drive in neutral no other gear it won't move in any other gear

I was driving my car and it died on me I thought it was something wrong with my fuel line but it seemed to be running fine so I had an out of work mechanic look ate it and he said it is my rocker arms and it needed to be replaced.

my fuel cap is always showingf on dash

It takes 10-15 minutes of running the motor to have it kick in with cold air. When it does, it's very cold. I can hear the AC motor kick on when I turn the AC switch on/off.

It has problems starting sometimes (gas needs to be pumped) but overall works well. The paint is really faded and it has over 150,000 miles.

I generally do it once every other year. Has over 150,000 miles

Have had issues with radiator in past, nothing else.

cannot figure this out at all!

I want to drive uber and want to install one for safety

A couple times a week

Does anyone have a little more insight on how to properly synch your garage with the opener that's attached to the car? I've gone over the steps within the manual over and over, and never have seemed to get it to work. Any tips are welcome!

This was after a car accident, but it seems to be getting less milage now. I know, because I always pay attention to the miles my car has left, and see how many miles I've driven since that last time I've filled up. I also haven't changed my driving style up, it's been the same commute as always. Any tips on where to get started first? I want to avoid taking it to a dealership, since I'm short on cash right now.

I have some pain scruff marks on both rear sides of my bumper. I would like to see if I can buff out as much as possible. I just don't know what products/what to do. Nothing comes out when I wash my car by hand with just car soap. Any help would be much appreciated.

the bulb seems to be one that should be doing both of the lights in one bulb, but only one part of it is working

My vsa light is on how much is for brake light switch

XM says it is antenna. Acura says not likely.

w.w. just went pfft and quit...checked fuse - looks good

I brought a transmission and it sat for one year before I could find someone to put it in and the person that put it in I had to buy a ranger sensor and a Solenoid. And the transmission wasn't no good. When the truck is in park it won't start up when it is put in Neutral it starts up. I was wondering if I should get another transmission. I don't know what else to do

No codes reading abs .I replaced all 4 speed sensors
cleaned all 4 stators on wheels no rust ,speed sensor codes are gone now.
Replaced abs/vsa controller .
Cleaned plug to abs pump
was reading a PFINH could not find what that is ,only found one that goes to the transmission gear selection switch
Problem still is there my code reader still reads abs/vsa will not read above 6 mph so when I brake the abs turns on every time I brake

looking to buy do not want headaches

Low beam is out. Bulb is ok. Fuse is ok. No continuity from fuse to light. Is there a transistor in the path?

Is the shield bent or has the mechanic done something when he replaced the wheel bearings?

Window stopped working after I hear a Clancy.

Only the horn works,no other power?

Why want car start?

it wants to turn over but it want

Noise is intermittent.