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The oil pressure light works ok. In the past the oil pressure reading in the DIC was approximately 50-70. Now it is 90-120 and still says normal. The car seems to run ok. What is the proper pressure reading supposed to be?
Thank you.

stars but dies when throttle is applied, no trouble lights are on

How to drain a fuel tank on a 1999 GMC Sonoma

My 96 Civic has always started cold even after sitting for days in -30c weather. After it has warmed up it sometimes won't start for a few hours if I shut it off. If I let it idle it sometimes will perform poorly. It will still accelerate fine but there is a hitch when I push or release the pedal and if I try to hold the throttle open at any position it will hiccup badly. When this happens I can still rev the engine just not cruise and I have to drive like my mom. The car has never stalled while I've had it and will always idle fine.

Will a dirty cabin air filter cause the air conditioner not to cool?

my car runs great but the gas mileage is very poor. about 11 miles to a gallon. is this normal?

About to do oil change on 2003 Boxter 2.7. Do I nee anything over and above 9 quarts of oil and a filter?

I have a VW Trike and wanted to know if anyone knew who can work on them. I would like my engine tuned and I have a Hydrolic cluts that is leaking. thanks

hello my brakes are not working good. the pedal is really low and when i try to stop fast i skid until i finally stop. when i got a oil change the guy told me that my brakes were good. i am not leaking any brake fluid. what dfo you think the problem is?

radio/temp/time light out, all functions work but can not
see stations, temp or time.

Everytime I turn the steering wheel I hear a noise and it's difficult to complete the turn.

I changed the coolant recovery tank refilled it & no leaks but the light still comes on that say "check coolant level" how can it be reset

po340 the code swold liht on check engine

when slowing down for example to turn in or after idling for a few minutes it'll go dead;