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I would like to know how to disable the horn. Can I do it through the fuse box? Do I need to remove the steering wheel?
Thank you very much.

I thought my transmission was going out. While driving, my car would decellarate. It scared me because I thought it was going to stop on me. I put my car in third gear and the car drove fine. I put it back in drive several times, and was finally able to keep it in drive. Sometimes going down a hill it would jerk. I was told my injectors needed to be cleaned, a new transmission sensor, and emissions needed to be performed. I was told I needed to do the emissions every 30,000 miles. Please advise if this cost in the neighborhood of $350 plus to do the mentioned work. Or is this something I can do myself.

I changed my heppa filter, and put Lucas injector cleaner in a full gas tank. The dealer told me they would hook something to the car and let it burn off gook. During this process he said I would see white smoke coming out of the tailpipe.

What's the range/total cost to replace an intake manifold for 2006 Mercedes Benz CLK350?

Battery was disconnected when getting body work done. Now don't have navigation system, heater and air working. System says "please check your disk". We did. Still don't work. Can we fix it or have to take it to dealer?

There is a growling/roaring noise that seems to be coming from the front end. It gets much louder about 45 mph.

how do you remove an ignition the whole thing cylinder and switch

This happened right after I had the car detailed and I am wondering if something might have been dislodged.

My car will drive fine and then all of a sudden,it slows down to nothing. Jerks,shrudders and slows down to about 5 miles an hour. Not only is this humiliating,it's dangerous and I'm scared to drive it. I've taken it back to the mechanic who diagnosed it 3 times already. Help!! Any suggestions ?

My vehicle's fan clutch is out and the fan turns at high speeds making a loud (jet engine) noise in direct ratio to my engine speed (RPM's). Other than the noise, my car has been running like this for almost a year now with no problems. My gas mileage has remained about the same and my car has never overheated - even during summer months. I've gotten two estimates to replace the fan clutch - one at $700 and the other at $600. My RepairPal estimate came back at $200 to $400 for "radiator fan motor replacement". Not sure if this is the same thing . . . but either way, I'm still contemplating whether I should spend such a large sum to get this fixed. Will it lead to other problems if I don't fix the fan clutch? I'm a single mom and I make repairs out of absolute necessity. This is not money that I have laying around to spend.

around 65 mph and 75 mph the front of the car shakes back and forth causing very rough vibration when I accelerate it stops if i shift into neutral while shaking occurs the vibration remains. Could this be wheel balance or alignment?

I had a leak in the transmission cooler hose. The garage thinks they fixed it by tightening the hose, but says I must bring the car back to replace the lost fluid. They say this is no simple matter--it's not simply a matter of topping up a reservoir. They need to keep the car for a while.

Fuel gauge not working. Continous problem. Reads empty or low continously.Don't know wants causeing this problem, Other wise car works find.

been going on for a few months now - stays on steadily

What is going on with my car. As I was getting ready to crank up my car it wouldn't start so I had to tap the battery a couple times then it started. Now I as im driving and i notice my car was acting funny and I looked at the rpm it was high then drops low. I just replaced the Mass Air Flow (just 3 days ago) and still having problems. What you think the problem maybe, pleas don't tell me its the transmission problems. If thats the case I may as well purchase a new car, but hell my balance on the car is $1200!

This problem occurs all the time when the heat or A/C is on. It only works in the highest setting.