it always blows cold air, even when the truck is already warmed up and driving around town, doesnt blow hot air at all.

Front hheater/defroster fan won't run. It has a new blower motor. Power comes into switch and blower. When I bypass inside switch inside fan still doesn't run.

05 toyota camry, and i have a whistle every time i give gas, anyone have any sujestions, on what could be cousing the whistle?

I drove my car to town and turned it off but it wouldn't start back. I had it towed home and let it set for four days. It started just fine. I drove it about a week and it did the same thing, I towed it back home and let it set about a week and it started. I checked everything I could and it all checks ok. What could be the problem?

I can release the hood from the inside, but cannot get the release under the hood to activate to allow me to raise the hood.

Only occasionally first thing in the morning without warmup there is a strong vibration apparently from rear of auto within the 1st 1/4 to 1/2 mile. It stops after that. It is, however becoming more and more frequent.
All fluides have recently been changed including tranny.

I want to know the torque settings for the oil pan baffle plate/windage tray on a 05 Pacifica 3.5

My remote sometimes don't lock all my doors. I have to lock them manually. Do you think that I need a new battery for the remote control? are should I look for another solution?

the check engine light came on had it checked out said that the cam position sensor was bad changed sensor and syncronizer 3 days after the light came back with the same code

Has anyone had any transmission problems with the Liberty?

Anyone ever replaced a Lexus headlight computer?

put new thermostat in because of no heat.still no heat now car over heats.

The car threw a rod in August last year and we already know the engine must be replaced. Looking for a reputable repair shot that can order and put in the engine. I've searched buying and engine online but it seems better left to professionals. We are missionaries living out of the country. Our grown children have the Camry. We'll need to pay this on a credit card if possible. Thanks.

How to change radio time on Bmw 2003 Z4 radio?

Can anyone tell me what P0455 code is? Autozone has a Vacuum leak, but not sure about this. Can anyone tell me the exact problem?