PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TYPE OF AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION MY 97 Grand Cherokee with a inline 6 cyl. have? My repair manual shows 5 auto trans for this year model. I looked at the model # on the trans and it does not match any of the models in my manual "42RE / 42RH / 44RE / 46RH / 46RE" The # on the trans was really hard to read but it looked like "PY21195 or PY521195". Please help

Email virg4x4@yahoo.com

the service column lock message comes on with the serviceride control message,what do i have

Guys i know its not a mechanical issue,but i respect your input.Stereo only has mid-range and treble,probably some kind of amp thing,any ideas?

this car was running rather good only that you need to put oil when you drive for like 20 miles, only when my son drove to his work which is 34.4 miles from where we live and i guess he didn't check or put oil before he drove the 34.4 miles back home, he said that about 5 miles before he reached our house the car was showing sign of being drained out the head lights became dim, when he steps on the gas pedal to speed up it was like it went slow then it is like its oxygen opened up and moved a little faster, but then still driving it around it would start up and the engine sounds like it is congested and the exhaust has the strong smell of gasoline, and then now it is choking when you are taking of and slow up a small hill and on a stop lite, when we step on the gas pedal because it sounds and feels like it is gonna die out, you smell that strong gasoline mixed with exhaust smell

what are the cylinder numbers sequence?

my suzuki G vitara 2004 makes a loud grinding noise from the back tires when I'm driving. My car is and automatic. It only makes noise when in drive gear.Anyone no what the problem is?

I replaced the thermastat and the water pump. The car overheats after about 10 min. and I dont get any heat either. There is no water in the oil and no oil in the radiator.There is no sign of leakage anywhere. The cooling fans work. What should I try next? Please dont say head gasket. Thank you this is driving me NUTS.The car is a 2000 Lincoln LS 3.9 V8

Hi, recently my car caught fire, but the motor was not damaged. I need to know where do I start when getting it repaired without insurance.

I had a Jiffy Lube shop change the transmission fluid on my Dodge truck. Do I need to worry that they did the work correctly?

i can crank the car up but if i take my foot off the gas it cuts off but i change the coil pack and new battery and two of the oxygen sensors but i don't know whats going on someone please let me know what you think.

How much should I expect to pay on the driver and passenger side CV Joints?


First symptom was heater only putting out cool air, engine temperature normal. After 1 1/2 days heater was putting out hot air again but engine temp. gauge periodically going from normal to cold then back to normal with a short time period. This has been going on for an additional 4 days of normal driving. Service shop first recommended core flush then recommended thermostat replacement. Core and system flush $200. Thermostat replacement around $600 but it is prudent to replace water pump, timing belt and other belts at the same time resulting in $1000 + in cost. Wondering if a coolant system flush should be tried first. A bit concerned about spending over $1000 and not resolving the problem. Car has 20K miles to go before timing belt needs replacement.

start up, runs for 5min., shuts off like the gas was cutted off. starts back up some times and run for 1 or 2 mins and shuts off again. This truck has 2 tanks, with electric pumps, you can hear both pumps run, I also changed the in-line fuel filter, what is going on with this truck, please help. My name is Larry, e-mail address: bro2star@yahoo.com, cell# 404-300-3878. Thanks in advance.

How much to fix the problem? It happened around two weeks ago in LA.