The car wont start

two days hard shift engine light on

Clunk noise when put in gear (auto trans)
Clunk noise as vehicle slows down for a stop.

Vibration / rumbling from underneath as speed increases.

What should it cost to rebuild the torque converter on this vehicle?

This does not seem to be a fuse problem. The cruise control worked perfectly for about 9 or 10 years, then intermittently for a couple of years, then suddenly began working again fine for about a year, and now has quit working altogether. Is this repairable or does it have to be replaced? If repairable is it something a do-it-yourselfer can do? If not, about how much does a repair cost? A replacement? And is a replacement reliable? Thanks!

How do you replace front wheel bearing on a 1999 Jaguar Vanden Plas?

everytime step on the brakes the front kind of jumps and makes a noise- had brakes replaced already

it was running fine for two days i just replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, and the sending unit. And as i was going down the road it just shut its self off and it will not start.

If my car is in idle, especially when running heat or even dehumidifier, the smell of gas fills the inside of the car. This is even MORE true when I start my car in the morning. Even if it's been outside warming up for 5-10 mins, once I enter the car, I smell the strong gasoline odor immediately. What is the problem & how much "should" it cost...approximately?

what is a code p0449

My car will spudder mainly when it rains it will do it on and off when it does this and i drive for a while the inside of the carburator will turn black.It mainly does it when I accelerate at a higher rpm.

while driving the car during a snowstorm at approx 22mph automatic door locks started popping up and down, dashboard lights started flashing then lost all power had to be towed home. Battery is fine. when you turn key dashboard lights up but no engine turn over and no sound.

2002, Seville SLS

I had a TCC P1860 and 0741 code come up while on a highway after Daytona 500 in 2009.. I guess that is shot as HWY mileage dropped a lot.
More urgent problem. Almost a yr ago, I replaced front pads due to Brakes Worn message as the sensor wore through. At same time, I looked for any connections to check regarding the TCC.. I had unhooked teh Vehicle Speed Sensor (magnetic pick-up type) prior to a short test drive. The digi Speedo was blank, but when I reinstalled the VSS, the speedo stayed dead. I replaced with new Delco VSS and still dead. Contact prongs are all OK. Shifting is bad and thuds with Foreward to Reverse shift and vica versa.
I read elsewhere of a guy fixing breaks and then Speedo died.. He finally got it fixed, but offered NO answer for me to go by... Darn it. ANY SUGGESTIONS???? I need that speedo so I can shift more smooth and efficient and not to damage the tranny. I can live with the TCC problem and lower mileage.
I had to splice the sensor and that got the Replace Brake Pads warning light on SES to go away. I has also disconnected and reconnected other sensor couplers, such as the ABS on Front brakes.
I cannot locate the PCM, a tranny guy told me that removing the VSS should not be cause to need a reboot of it. I looked for connections, I unhooked battery, checked for a fuse, etc... found nothing. Car has been off road now for a yr, and I want to drive it again. What do I do now?

how I can get acces to the sensor underneath or throuth the back seat? I need to replace the pump too? The tank must be remove? Thanks for the answers. Doug.

Needs required factory service at 90,000 miles.